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Bio Policy Manager & activist. Views here are my personal opinions. RT do not = endorsements. Pronouns - him/disabled person
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iPhone : Confession: I’m afraid to be black, cis-male, and autistic in America. No matter how hard I advocate for the disability community and my hertiage. I don’t know if I’m safe anymore. #AutisticWhileBlack #BlackLivesMatter

iPhone : FOUR vile, rotten, corrupt, anti democratic, anti media, racist white supremist, baiting and hate talk have finally exploded in the once great USA. It’s all ONE mans fault Donald J. Trump and his white racist thugs #maga smashed up CNN Breaking News CNN NOT #georgesfloyd protesters!

iPhone : I was at the Beverly Hills protest. Everyone was peaceful and kind. Shop owners cheered us on and motorists honked in support and raised their fists in solidarity. Aside from a little graffiti, there was no vandalism. Then the cops came and attacked people to start a fight. Why?

iPhone : People wonder how the lying psychopath Trump ever became president. Not surprising. It's the logical outcome of an 18th century electoral system that is now corrupt and broken, operating in a society run by the rich for the rich.

iPhone : NYPD officers just drove an SUV into a crowd of human beings. They could‘ve killed them, &we don’t know how many they injured.

NO ONE gets to slam an SUV through a crowd of human beings.

Mayor Bill de Blasio these officers need to be brought to justice, not dismissed w/“internal reviews.”…

iPhone : Why not make the best of a bad situation with a quick cut & colour while saying goodbye to a loved one?…

iPhone : While he hides behind his fence afraid/alone, I stand w/ people peacefully exercising their First Amendment Right after the murder of #GeorgeFloyd & hundreds of years of institutional racism

There are no vicious dogs & ominous weapons. There is just a scared man. Afraid/alone...

Twitter for iPad : marlena Katene That’s been Putin’s plan all along - he’s supported the far right because he wants America back to a disunited lose federation of States with no strong Central govt to give him a free hand in Europe

Twitter for iPad : Considering giving to help Protesters in the US? Want to help Aboriginal people in Australia too?

Sisters Inside has a bail fund for Aboriginal Women in Western Australia who are often targeted by Police.…

Twitter for iPad : The other issue about #robodebt was the burden of proof that was not on the accusor but the accused. Government legislation that reversed the burden of proof is one of the most callous uncaring laws ever to pass the parliament of Australia. The system should be ashamed. #insiders

Twitter for iPad : Something very moving about this ... even the #Amish are out - once again standing against oppression in their own way…