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I adored the first Luigis Mansion so excited to finally play the goop out of the new one! Starting within the hour 🦠

Twitter Web App : For anyone interested in trying out a demo of the game for themselves-- the folks over at Stadia & Immortals Fenyx Rising have prepared a demo you can play remotely. Check the link for more details:… #ad

Twitter Web App : Wholesome stream incoming tonight! Im gonna go hunting for the spooky dog in Animal Crossing and discuss plans for Halloweeny stuff

Starting in ~1 hour 🐶

Twitter Web App : Whelp its only taken 11 years but YouTube finally decided the first Left 4 Dead video I ever made when I was like 15 is too crude for the internet :(

im sorry for all the childhoods I corrupted with *checks notes* Funny Moments of Getting Owned

Twitter Web App : Ubisoft has asked me to give Immortals Fenyx Rising another try so if youre in the mood for more olympic gameplay give it a look here:… #sponsored…

Twitter Web App : Trying out a new multiplayer horror game tonight! The monster looks a little like an eldritch rat crab so Im all in.

Starting in about an hour 🐀🔪

Android : Elspeth Same. I'm waiting for more clarity and just being careful going forward until an official source actually shares something helpful

Twitter Web App : Taking a mental night tonight see yall tomorrow ✌️

Twitter Web App : Finally starting to embrace the spooky this month with a return to Unfortunate Spacemen with the boys!

Starts ~5pm PST with a bunch more horror stuff lined up for the next two weeks 👻

Android : Got dunked :[

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Twitter Web App : Criken The finale of Colosseum was great to watch! Sorry that the turtles had human teeth.

Twitter Web App : Four factions, three heroes, one epic finale 😎

Tune in tonight @ 7pm PST for the finale of our audience interactive gauntlet Crikens Colosseum: Clan Lands!
(for real this time)