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Twitter Web App : How many CryptoKitties do you have that are in dire need of some TLC?

We've set up an island in Upland where you can reward them with relaxation and fun in the sun 🏖. The more you send, the greater your chances of being rewarded too.


Twitter Web App : Once you've found all four gems, avoid combining the Diamond and Lapis or you'll end up astray!

Twitter Web App : Clue 1 of 1

Brush off your Cattribute searching skills and find the four gems hidden in this image to breed our three-trait Katz Fancies.

Twitter Web App : The Katz are waiting to be discovered!

Join us on Twitch at 10:00am PDT to solve clues that unlock the genetic recipe to two members of the Katz band.

Hootsuite Inc. : Imagine a world where gamers can capture more value than gaming companies

With blockchain games such as CryptoKitties this is becoming more of a reality 😻…

Hootsuite Inc. : The combined size of the gaming market is $120 bn. No wonder, there plenty of interesting projects trying to fuse blockchain with gaming. Read about the most remarkable of them in our recent article!

🎮Feat. Decentraland, CryptoKitties, XAYA🎮…

Hootsuite Inc. : Meet the first Kunst –the last Fancy of the Momo Wang Artist Series. You can breed your own until June 20th 👀

Hootsuite Inc. : You see this priceless art being sold today?

Katy Arrington "Gold"…

CryptoKitties "Cryptokitty v2 Prototype"…

Micah Johnson "The Dreamers"…

👆3/10 of the only InfiNFT Alphas. All Onchain w/ Arweave Team

Twitter Web App : In our first Artist Series release, players bred 735 Kitiovanni Fancies designed by Momo Wang.

The Chase for Momo Wangs second Fancy is starting!

Shout out to our partners Animoca Brands 🙌

📺Twitch stream:


Hootsuite Inc. : Quick heads up- the second CryptoKitties Artist Collaboration / Momo Wang Fancy Chase will take place this Saturday at 10am PDT - see you there!

Hootsuite Inc. : This is a great analysis I had not seen yet. Amazing that CryptoKitties is still the standard after launching all of this - Blockchain Gamers Earned $20M in Their First Year | Cointelegraph… via @cointelegraph

Twitter Web App : 1st year earnings for crypto games:

Cryptokitties made $7M / players earned $20M

Gods Unchained made $4.2m / players earned $237k

My Crypto Heroes made $1.5M / players earned $118K

Data from Flipside Crypto

The new question from gamers:

How much can we earn from this?

Twitter Web App : Blockchain gamers raked in more than $20 million playing three of the most popular blockchain-based games…