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Android : Open letter:

I love my trans sisters and brothers and my non-binary siblings. I don’t believe their existence, identities, access to housing, employment or medical care should be a matter of debate.

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Twitter for iPad : J.K. Rowling You are hurting so many people. I mean... millions.

Do you see that? Or are you blinded by the praise in your mentions?

You’re on the wrong side of history on this. You don’t have to do this.
I’ve admired you for years and now I’m just... heartbroken.

Android : RonniSalt I agree that he wouldn't be attending this conference in the middle of a pandemic (even he's not that stupid, & it's been postponed anyway) but his not being a member of Hillsong is irrelevant. The conference is hosted by Hillsong but people from all over the country attend.

Android : In 1879 Alexander Forrest saw these great Kimberley ranges and, in awe, named them after Belgian King Leopold.

Today we officially renamed them the Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges - the names they have held well before that King was born.

Android : Rachel Siewert I'd just like him to explain why the rates doubled in response to the pandemic. I really can't see why it's anything other than a recognition of how inadequate these payments were in the first place.

Android : Yesterday Aurora, Colorado was holding a violin vigil for Elijah McClain, who was known for playing his violin, especially to animals.

Then the police decided they’d seen enough.

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Android : J.K. Rowling I'm also a survivor. I've admired you for years. & I absolutely support trans rights & understand that rights for trans women pose no threat to my womanhood.
I'm dumbfounded that you continue to centre yourself as the victim in this, & heartbroken that you're refusing to listen.