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Twitter Web App : ocean lesbian ⚡ I have to do a yearly rewatch of Hornblower and Master and Commander now !! If only I had time for fanart these days I would do my best to entice the crowds...

Twitter Web App : So at which stage of the sea shanty frenzy does everyone become horny for like, Hornblower and the Aubreyads ? Soonish ? Hopefully ?

Twitter Web App : Kewob 💛🖌️🌌 yeah haha I reworded the tweet to make it shorter a bunch of times and forgot to erase half the words, it's definitely not 26k kilometres ! I don't reread before tweeting and it shows

Twitter Web App : it's no news that sometimes humans do things just for the sake of knowledge or beauty but these are dark times and I'm thankful for the thought right now lol

Twitter Web App : That particle accelerator took decades to build, has a circumference of 26 thousand kilometres, is the most expensive scientific experiment in human history with a budget of like 9 billions, and we just did it For Science. It makes me happy

Twitter Web App : Yesterday I watched Particle Fever about the observation of the Higgs particle at the LHC, and felt much comfort seeing that huge team from various countries working on a massively expensive, 20 years long project with absolutely no commerical applications whatsoever

Twitter Web App : ... A lot of my HxH are still up on my main and my tumblr ! It's just that it's from a couple of years ago now. My side acc had sketches and shippy stuff, i'll go through it and reupload the stuff I still like !

Twitter for iPad : I’ve deleted the side acc where most of my HxH art was but I still like these leopikas so you can have them ! My treat

Twitter Web App : Neil Ingle 🦀 I'm so casual about it, I wish I could just buy one piece of equipment of moderate quality and be all set ! But getting a sound card would definitely be the safer solution. I'll mull it over !