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Twitter Web App : Another example: will gods unchained cards be used for card games once the team stops? I can play Magic the gathering with my old decks forever, no matter if the company still exists. Does the same go for NFT's? that's the interesting question.

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Twitter Web App : OMG!! So You ! new night club just melted my eyebrows right off my face! #Decentraland

This is so damn impressive!! Great build, great dj mixing. Love it!

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Twitter Web App : I cannot realize this dream alone. I'm a business owner, and my business is currently in a full upswing mode. Currently I'm just using this twitter-handle to not break the lifeline. But I'd love to have others continue what I started. Contact me if you are interested.

Twitter Web App : I'd love to keep the dream and history of @dcldaily alive, and I' more than happy to share it with people. It's a system where all participants (readers, paperboys, writers) benefit from its succes.

Twitter Web App : Time to share the dream I have with Decentraland Daily. My plan is to create a continuously evolving contract. This contract has one purpose: create a newspaper, that brings back the feeling of reality (like opening a newspaper on your morning table) to the metaverse 1/3

Twitter Web App : dclblogger.eth Andrew Steinwold IMHO: On the ETH network congestion is the main hurdle currently. Closely followed by custody. I think NFT's will take a big leap, when users don't call them "NFT's" anymore. This happened a bit with cryptokitty's. Noone called that an NFT. They were just called kittys.