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Twitter Web App : Ministers Jordan, Bennett, Blair, and Miller will hold a press conference to speak to the situation in Nova Scotia today at 10AM. For more: ow.ly/jCQQ50BW4Yr

Hootsuite Inc. : The medal was established by the BIO in 1980 to recognize excellence of research in, and outstanding contribution to, the marine sciences.

Hootsuite Inc. : He is being recognized for his work in areas of physical oceanography, interaction of the ocean with the atmosphere, and role of the ocean in climate.

Hootsuite Inc. : The 2020 A.G. Huntsman medal will be awarded to John Charles Marshall, oceanographer and professor at MIT. He holds degrees in physics and atmospheric science from Imperial College, London.

Hootsuite Inc. : This unique process is aimed at attracting diverse individuals who self-declare as a visible minority, a person with a disability, or an Aboriginal person and who have obtained a science degree relevant to the positions available! Learn more & apply here: ow.ly/KvDt50BEKJd

Hootsuite Inc. : As an Aquatic Ecosystems Biologist, you could have the opportunity to conduct fieldwork and analyses, consult and engage with Canadians, participate in outreach activities, and make recommendations about various regulatory and conservation programs!

Hootsuite Inc. : Are you passionate about the conservation of Canadian waters and aquatic species? You may be the perfect fit for our new Aquatic Ecosystems Employment Equity job inventory!

Photos taken prior to onset of COVID-19 and safety measures.

Hootsuite Inc. : These surveys are important tools to track populations and the ecosystem over time. The results are summarized each year and used to inform the management of marine resources, species at risk and conservation measures.

Hootsuite Inc. : For most fish and invertebrates caught, length and weight measurements are taken to monitor condition or plumpness. Some species are sampled to determine sex and maturity, and to identify their diet and feeding habits.

Hootsuite Inc. : We sample fish and invertebrate species captured in the bottom trawl. These species are identified, counted, and weighed.

Hootsuite Inc. : During the survey, data is collected on all captured fish and invertebrate species, the physical and chemical properties of seawater and the type and abundance of phytoplankton and zooplankton (very small and microscopic plants and animals).

Hootsuite Inc. : Our ecosystem summer survey of the Scotian Shelf and Bay of Fundy is complete! Abiding by COVID-19 guidelines, we hauled 202 tows, 281 species and gathered important information.