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Twitter Web App : Lovely moment of the day...

Not seen my brother in person for four months, then bump into him in Victoria St this morning 🙌

After all these years we end up getting jobs in the same street!

Twitter Web App : In a tiny sliver of good news, my 96 year old grandmother has just recovered from COVID-19! ❤️

Twitter Web App : Huge thanks to everyone for their really kind messages over the last 24 hours and my grateful thanks also to the parliamentary authorities and Speaker for their support yesterday. Just had results in and my test for #COVIDー19 was negative.

iPhone : 9/ To give an idea of what Spain’s "method" does: if England adopted the same approach, yesterday NHS would have reported 20 new deaths, not 179. A nice little reduction of 90%.

England would have reported deaths in the teens and 20s all week. 152 for the week, instead of 995.

Twitter Web App : A seal just posed under Westminster Bridge

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Twitter Web App : Welsh Westminster voting intention:

LAB: 39% (+5)
CON: 35% (-11)
PC: 15% (+4)
LDEM: 5% (+1)
GRN: 3% (+1)
BREX: 2% (-1)

via YouGov, 29 May - 01 Jun
Chgs. w/ Apr

Twitter Web App : Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is joining LBC to host his own monthly, half-hour phone-in, starting on Monday at 9am.

Keir Starmer | #CallKeir

Twitter Web App : I don’t need White people to apologise to me because of how ‘privileged’ they perceive themselves to be.

So please stop. It’s not heroic. It’s just cringe🤦🏽‍♀️

Twitter Web App : Joys of living near a high street where most of the shops are independents; around 80 per cent of all shops are now open - the most glaring ongoing closure in the food space remains McDonalds - while most of the remaining closures are the beauty services.

Twitter Web App : Question. How many "suspects" have the police now uncovered in the Madeleine McCann case. How many have been charged, never mind convicted. And how much longer are resources going to be deployed on this.

Twitter Web App : This is the damage poor stats do. 200k followers are seeing the slide on the right. Sure, UK has done badly, but 'daily deaths' is simply wrong. twitter.com/JimMFelton/sta…