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Twitter Web App : Pingu meets The Thing in THINGU. This is really brilliant...

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Twitter Web App : For too long decisions about us have been taken without us. Disabled people, LGBT+ people, people of colour & women are too often locked out. 

Together we can change that.

Help me be Scottish Labour’s #1 candidate on the Glasgow list.

Get involved ➡️ bit.ly/37eNCER

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Twitter Web App : 3 years ago I came top globally in my accounting exams. Now Im stuck in a flammable flat, facing extortionate cladding bills and possible bankruptcy as a result of a change in legislation. Id also lose my accountancy qualification. #bittersweet #whybother #endourcladdingscandal

Twitter Web App : Bill Clinton was the only President in the post-War era not mentioned in the House of Commons until after his election (John Smith congratulated him on his victory against negative campaigning!). David Gauke gets the honour of Barack Obama’s first Commons mention, in June 2007.

Twitter Web App : Thanks to that clever new search tool, I learn that Reagan & Eisenhower were first mentioned in the Commons 10 years before becoming President, Nixon 14 years before, Trump 20 years before, and Joe Biden a whopping 41 years before! Quoted at length by Bernard Braine on 21/12/79.

Twitter Web App : It's so refreshing to see a political article where the author(s) have put in the time and effort to make it a good, engaging read. Compare it to that Paul Embery piece in UnHerd today, which was bloody hard work, and he's trying to flog a bookload of the stuff! twitter.com/RachaelMaskell…

Twitter Web App : Tom Hamilton You must be tempted to put the Bombay Mix in the milk and see how that goes. Same texture as cereal but no sogginess, and instant milky relief for the spice?

Twitter Web App : Neil Murphy Rachel Austin Ha! Not to mention the bullet points for the Budget brief - *Bold Type: 'This measure will trigger the wholesale exodus of the City of London to Frankfurt?'* ◾️ 'Not at all. We expect most companies to absorb any additional costs that arise, which should in any case be minimal.'

Twitter Web App : As a point of political craft, it’s worth looking at what Liz Truss said in the House yesterday before Emily ambushed her, blasé to the point of doing little rhymes! No-one’s ridden this hard into a trap since Balaclava.

Twitter Web App : I worked with Dan Rosenfield back in the halcyon days of the HMT Tax Policy team when he was just starting his career, a brilliant learning environment led by the great Alex Gibbs. Like all Gibbsy's recruits, he had a first-class brain and an easy smile. He'll do well in No10.

Twitter Web App : You'll enjoy this, @BestforBritain - Part 2 to your recent clip of Liz Truss's indignation at being asked to assess the impact of her trade deals. twitter.com/EmilyThornberr…

Twitter Web App : Tim Gatt Inspired by the criticism of Michael Foot's 'donkey jacket' at The Cenotaph. "It got me so angry. I thought, here's someone representing the soldiers in the trenches...They would have been proud that someone like Michael Foot was there to remember them, whatever he was wearing."

Twitter Web App : Laura Shepherd-Robinson I'm trying to think of more examples of Friday Night Lights stars with other elite-level series on their CVs. Jesse Plemons in Breaking Bad. Michael B Jordan in The Wire. Kevin Rankin in Justified. There must be some others.

Twitter Web App : Remarkable stuff coming out of the US. Echoes of the knots Ministers here got themselves into in 2016, correcting parliamentary answers which put the UK in the frame for what the Saudis were doing in Yemen. Thread below. Correct link to the affidavit here: foreignaffairs.house.gov/_cache/files/2… twitter.com/ewong/status/1…

Twitter Web App : Fortunately I can answer this one. It is zero. The EU has schemes allowing tariff free access to developing countries, and we are replicating them. There, job done. Sorry it didn't make up for the aid budget reductions. twitter.com/DKShrewsbury/s…