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Twitter Web App : United States wrapper Kayne West announces presidential candidacy, citing lack of ignorant, boorish, attention-seeking narcissists in race.

Twitter Web App : UPDATE: Marshal Kim Jong-Un does not write racist or homophobic screeds. Marshal Kim Jong-Un does not use "Twitter." Marshal Kim Jong-Un does not snivel.

Unlike Caleb Hull.

Twitter Web App : Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un does not use the deaths of family members as a pathetic and sniveling excuse when caught writing racist and homophobic screeds on Twitter.

iPhone : Donald Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, fresh from triumph over Coronavirus and negotiating Middle East peace, announces he will step in to save failing Donald Trump campaign.

iPhone : Foreign Ministry denies request by prince Andrew to abdicate English titles and become Earl of Yeonpyeong Island.

DPRK has no titles of nobility.

Twitter Web App : Cult of Donald Trump is founded on craven and imbecilic panic against masks.

Supporters of Marshal Kim Jong-Un do not fear to wear masks in public.

Twitter Web App : Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un does not admire, socialize, seek favorable trade deals, or pal around with those who post bounties on Korean soldiers.

Twitter Web App : US conservative Dan Bongino announces Parler, social media service competing with Twitter for under-served audience of Klansmen, auto-erotic noose fetishists, and human chia pets.