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Bio Just a guy whos a bit of everything. He/Him, Bi, 20s. Im edjumacated.
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Android : 3/5, not bad 😅

Better to be lucky than good, but practice more so I get lucky more often 👊🏼

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Android : Haha oh nooo the giant vampire woman from resident evil 8 is chasing me oh 😍😍😳 nooooo~

Aw I have tripped and now my skin is showing oh God 😍❤️😳🙏 I hope she... Does...nt...bite me that would be terrible.... Hahaha she holding me like a bunch of grapes 🍇😍💖❤️ horror~

Android : an eight-year-old boy was left honking with every breath after swallowing a party hooter…