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Buffer : I am LIVE on Twitch every weekday morning at 9:30am GMT! Join me RIGHT NOW!

Android : Tory voters voted in David Cameron. They loved all that benefit sanction stuff, so they voted him in again. Then they voted for Theresa May. Then they voted for Boris Johnson, and a landslide at that.

This didnae all happen by accident.

TweetDeck : I saw yer da handing out free masks, and I thought that was really decent.

But then I followed him around a corner, where he thought he was alone.

I saw him farting in the masks!

Android : Lynn MBE 🔥 I can't teach Daniel, he has no respect for me. He learned that from you. I wonder if anybody reading this could put it into a sentence how I feel about you influencing my child so that he feels negatively towards me.

Buffer : It's Tuesday and I'm LIVE on Twitch with puzzles and chitchat and perhaps some GTA violence:

Android : Thats her started kneading bread, why do they do that?

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Android : I'll be voting Yes to independence when it comes, but let me tell you right now, the result will be No, and you can bet your life on it.