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Android : This despicable and cruel rule should’ve never been proposed in the first place. Thanks to everyone who raised their voice and fought back. Because of you, international students can stay. twitter.com/nytimes/status…

Android : lmao, Elizabeth should have never tried to be cool with Bernie warren is one of the follower types but she has a habit of following the wrong people, she should have tried to be cool with Kamala but she decided to stay sitting on her high horse with her nose up twitter.com/msbeewings/sta…

Android : Folks are counting on you to be so intellectually lazy/gullible that you will take them at their caption even as their clip (edited as selectively as possible) refutes it. Dont be fcuking stupid listening to trolls over a Senate Intelligence member. Kamala was right. Receipts⬇️

Android : We have two systems of justice in America: one where Trump helps Roger Stone avoid prison time, and another where a Black 15 year old girl is incarcerated during a pandemic for not doing her homework. twitter.com/adamhsays/stat…

Android : David Silverstone has “ allegedly” confessed to his sexual harassment of underage girls via Twitter! Go against Kamala & it’ll cost ya 😜

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Android : Since the reports came out about Russia's offer to pay $ for the murder of U.S. troops abroad—which was 18 days ago—Donald Trump has done more to protect his corrupt friends from jail than he has to protect our troops.

Android : The same sunrise movement that gave Biden an F and threatened not to vote unless a communist was the candidate is now taking credit for his climate plan 🤣 twitter.com/sunrisemvmt/st…

Android : Since I’ve been tagged about this multiple times: yes I am relishing in the fact that David Silverstone is getting cancelled.

What’s disappointing was that publicly harassing my mother and calling her a war profiteer wasn’t a problem for his followers.

Android : Totally inappropriate for Gov and #POTUS to interfere with a duly elected reform minded prosecutor that enforces the laws of this community.
Parson says the McCloskeys ‘had every right’ to wave guns and shout at protesters stltoday.com/news/local/cri… via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Android : If I say Black & Latino or even just Black, dont tell me poor people you mean. First of all, I said what I said. Second of all, Black & Latino are not synonymous with poor. Third of all, the disproportionate impact on Black & Latino people is not merely due to income.