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Android : At this moment 93.6% of Albertas electricity is being produced by fossil fuels. Wind is at 13.5% of capacity and producing 2.6% of total generation, while solar is at 0.0% of capacity and producing 0.000% of total generation. At the same time we are importing 450 MW or 4.7%

Android : Since Biden took office:

-WHO said likely mass false positives.
-NPR reported deaths have peaked and will decline.
-Multiple states call for businesses and restaurants to re-open.
-Dr. Frauci says cases will begin plateauing.
-CNN removes its death counter.

Wake up, sheep.

Android : Imagine having to bear the crushing burden of conscience that you voted for the guy who increased prices of insulin and adrenaline the minute he walked into office because you thought the other guy was the evil one.

Android : Executive Orders signed in first few weeks of presidency:

Trump: 4
Obama: 8
Bush: 2
Clinton: 2

Biden: 17 (and still going)

Can't call yourself bipartisan & unifying when you govern via Executive Order...

Android : Nobody ever wants to talk about this side of “green initiatives”.
Everyone looks the other way, push the renewables, and don’t care who gets exploited to make it happen.…

Android : Doctors, epidemologists, biologists and others with solid backgrounds in disease are just now learning what climate skeptics have endured for decades when you go against well-paid, insulated mouthpieces of orthodoxy. Not much fun is it? #covid19

Android : Okay, Biden supporters, can you fill us in on why this is a good idea? I don’t expect the “news” to cover this in any detail.…

Android : Rex Murphy: Were I an Albertan today, I'd be asking: What's the point?
I’d be asking, how long are we going to put up with being mauled and mocked and stymied and blocked, by forces within Canada and without?…

Android : Erin OToole Corruption is not limited to the Liberals. Jim and Derrick are casualties of your alliance with the totalitarian great reset. What do you get out of it?
Did you make a deal with China too?