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Twitter Web App : Harris opens up two fronts for Biden. She’s disliked by mainstream Democrats who see her as phony and by progressives and BLM who remember her as a get-tough on crime prosecutor. You now have a ticket where both candidates are out of step with the current social movement.

Twitter Web App : The #Trump campaign have had a thick oppo file on #Harris ready to go for months. All they had to do today is dust it off. twitter.com/ScottWalker/st…

Twitter Web App : Kamala #Harris made her case to voters once before and they didn't buy it then. She did poorly in the polls. It's difficult to see what she brings to Biden except to fulfill his promise of having a token running mate. #elections2020

Twitter Web App : Biden must want to lose. There’s a lot of disappointed swing voters out there who were hoping he would pick a sensible vice president they could support. #Harris

TweetDeck : .Tom Cotton is right. Liberals continue to live in this fantasy land where they are actively making it harder for police to do their jobs and somehow believe nothing bad will come of it because of how "woke" they are. foxnews.com/politics/tom-c…

Twitter Web App : Dan Eberhart, private equity investor & CEO of oilfield services firm Canary, discusses an inflection point in the US energy bloodbath & that oil supply glut poised To tighten in 6-9 Months - via Bloomberg bloomberg.com/news/audio/202…

TweetDeck : China hasn't stopped cracking down on Hong Kong. They keep arresting people who are asking for basic human rights.

This is why being strong on China is important, and why it would be a disaster if Joe Biden won... among many other reasons. washingtonexaminer.com/news/newspaper…

Twitter Web App : Chris Dodd's criticism of Kamela Harris will come back to haunt Harris if Biden selects her to be his VP pick. The decision is coming soon and I expect it to be Harris.

TweetDeck : Democrats should be concerned about mail-in voting. But rather than focus on the actual faults of the system, they are spouting conspiracy theories.

Looking at the electoral mess in NY should be enough to convince anyone the system doesn't work. washingtonexaminer.com/news/democrats…

TweetDeck : “We are getting clobbered,” Eberhart said. “The left-leaning super PACs are bringing a lot more air support to team Biden than the ones on the right are bringing to team Trump, unfortunately.” - via POLITICO politico.com/news/2020/08/0…