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Bio Journalist, storyteller, and lifelong reader. A Texan, by birth and by choice. Author of WHAT UNITES US #WhatUnitesUs. algonquin.com/whatunitesus
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iPhone : So the administration goes on the Sunday shows to say they are surrendering to the virus? First of all, appalling. And second, maybe not the best closing argument to a nation being overrun by said virus.

Twitter for iPad : I finished reading #WhatUnitesUs today. It reminded me of all of the ideals and dreams I had when I joined the Navy in 95. It’s hard to believe how much has changed...and how much hasn’t. Thank you, Dan Rather , for a beautiful tribute to our great nation.

Twitter for iPad : Just bought Dan Rather’s book “What Unites Us” for my dad for Christmas.... now I have to decide if I’m actually gonna give it to him or keep it for myself!! #WhatUnitesUs

Twitter for iPad : We are very sorry to learn of the death of the great Texas singer/songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker, a guiding light in Austin and Texas music in general. We'll have more to say about him and his ACL legacy on Monday. savingcountrymusic.com/country-songwr…

Twitter for iPad : So many wonderful passages in #WhatUnitesUs ! Critical thinking, yes please. (BTW, I felt so happy in the Arts chapter to see Keith Haring mentioned-- as my teen just happened to be wearing my old Haring art t-shirt that day)

Twitter for iPad : In 2020, when democracies around the globe are dealing with all kinds of challenges, #WhatUnitesUs is a gentle reminder to every caring citizen, institution & leader on what it takes to build & sustain an inclusive-strong community, org, & nation. TY Dan Rather & Elliot K!

Twitter for iPad : Happy birthday to Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the largely self-taught “Father of Microbiology,” who was born #OTD in 1632. He was the first to document observations of microscopic organisms, including bacteria, protists, & rotifers, which he called “animalcules.”🦠🔬🦠

Twitter for iPad : Dan Rather Couldn’t decide whether to watch the #WorldSeries last night or read your new book, #What Unites Us. Read the book cover to cover. Everyone needs to read this book ASAP it provides sanity in an insane world. Bless you Mr. Rather, may you and the #Dodgers live 4ever.

iPhone : VP Pence “is considered a close contact with Mr. Short”, according to his press secretary.

But Pence—the head of the Coronavirus task force—will not quarantine for 14 days. Instead he will “maintain his schedule.”

iPhone : For some reason, my earlier post of my love for this beautiful book was flagged by the Twitter police. All I can say is how lovely I find the words of Dan Rather. I’m hopeful. I feel peace. Thank you sir for your comforting prose.

iPhone : "What Unites Us" by Dan Rather is an incredible read. I mean, really, really, good. I'm not done yet, but already I'm just blown away by how poignant, and necessary it is for the times we are living in.

iPhone : I need to purchase #WhatUnitesUs by Dan Rather because many reviews say that it gives hope. I can sure use some. We all can.

It’s not a genre I would normally read, but it’s never too late to explore new genres, either.

iPhone : Dan Rather I wanted to download a book for a road trip & found your new book in audio format from my library. It was the perfect companion to the open road! I wept several times from how touching it was. 💗 Thank you... as a nation, we needed this book. 🇺🇸 #WhatUnitesUs