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Twitter for iPad : Cowboy Socialist 🌹💉 Nope. We have a system of political responsibilities.
Long Term Care is a provincial responsibility.
But you know that don’t you Cowboy.
You are no better than Singh or Scheer. Kenney or Ford.
How easily lies and misrepresentations roll of the tongue (or keyboard)

Twitter for iPad : Dale Smith How is it possible that @thejagmeetsingh says nonsense every time he opens his mouth. It’s truly astonishing.
He’s the only NDP politician that I’ve ever blocked.

Twitter for iPad : Makes you wonder what he is hiding. In light of the Long Term Care crisis, I would like to know what he directed Merrilee Fullerton, MPP to do.
Did Ford direct her to eliminate regulations, including inspections?
Did he direct her to relax staffing requirements? twitter.com/dan_gt2/status…

Twitter for iPad : ibhattac Steve Paikin The Ford government is currently in court trying to prevent his mandate letters to each ministry, including LTC, from being released to the public.cbc.ca/news/canada/to…

Twitter Web App : No Merrilee Fullerton, MPP - Your government recognized that red tape can interfere in the ability of for-profit LTC companies to make the profit they wanted. You listened to Mike Harris. You listened to the Ford senior staff who are now lobbyists for the Ontario Long Term Care Assoc. twitter.com/DrFullertonMPP…

Twitter Web App : So Doug Ford is blaming the working men and women of Ontario for his deregulation of Long Term Care facilities.
Unions and union workers don't set government policy. If the government order inspections they would be done. But this government eliminated inspections.
Unbelievable! twitter.com/Travisdhanraj/…

Twitter Web App : "At least 145 countries provide paid sick days for short- or long-term illnesses, with 127 providing a week or more annually. 98 countries guarantee one month or more of paid sick days." (Wikipedia)
Conservative Premiers now falling over themselves to challenge the Prime Minister twitter.com/CP24/status/12…

Twitter for iPad : Steve Paikin I feel a gag coming on.
Doug Ford’s mandate to all ministers was to eliminate or minimize regulations that were stifling businesses, including LTC.
Ford has NEVER been for any regulations on business.
It’s astonishing how he can lie with such a straight face.

Twitter for iPad : Conservatives have this undying belief that business can always be trusted, requires minimal supervision by government and regulations stifle creativity and economic growth.
So often the evidence shows that the profit motivation outweighs responsibility for people and community. twitter.com/dan_gt2/status…

Twitter Web App : How are @andrewscheer, @petermackay, @erinotoole and Derek Sloan contenders to lead Canada when they are so clearly out of step with the opinions of Canadians.
When your views represent 20% of Canadians you clearly are on the fringe and not leadership material. twitter.com/globalnews/sta…

Twitter Web App : Ed the Sock "Why is modern conservatism rooted in lying?"
Conservatives go with their strength.
They are really really good at lying with a straight face.

Twitter Web App : Blake Brown Ipsos Canada So many responses saying in effect 'Canadians don't understand the ban'.
Guess what boys - Canadians understand they don't want these guns in our country.
You clearly don't understand Canadians.