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iPhone : A #Louisville, KY police officer shot pepper balls at a reporter and her camera man, who filmed it.

How many times do police do things like this when there's no camera to catch it?

Look at the level of anger in our country. #JusticeForGeorge #protests…

iPhone : “6th and Jefferson in Louisville. This is a line of white people forming a barrier between black protestors and the police. This is love. This is what you do with your privilege.” - KY NOW

#NoJusticeNoPeace #SayHerName #BreonnaTaylor

Photo credit: Tim Druck

iPhone : CNN film crew has been arrested in Minneapolis, the police are walking around with their live camera, 100k+ dead in America, and the president is glorifying violence on twitter.

And it's only 6:26am ET.

iPhone : None of this had to happen

Believe black people

Believe science

Trump has ruined America

Trump unleashed all of this on Americans

Violence occurred prior to Trump. He has stoked, incited and ignited it w/his racist rhetoric

GOP sits in abject silence.
Vote. Them. All. Out.

iPhone : For those of you who didn’t listen to us. FUCK YOU

For those of you who played into Hillary’s Emails. FUCK YOU

For those of you who didn’t vote. FUCK YOU

For those of you who voted for Dr. Jill Stein🌻 FUCK YOU

For those of you who said Trump would become “Presidential” FUCK YOU

iPhone : 5 Million #ToxicMasks purchased in a "No-Bid" Contract by the State of Tennessee, treated with a pesticide that is "harmful if inhaled."
Cost to Tennessee Taxpayers:
$8.2 Million…

iPhone : Heartbreaking scene of protesters outside the Capitol Building in Washington, DC NOW chanting, Dont Shoot, Hands Up! #GeorgeFloyd

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iPhone : We are at the point where the aspiring dictator pulls a Duterte and advocates for murdering civilians to protect shopping centers.

iPhone : Is there any doubt Minneapolis Police needs a complete overhaul?!

I see nothing in this video that warrents random pepper spray out of a fast moving police car aimed at civilians on a public street. Thank god there are no children present. #mineapolis…

iPhone : Anyone pearl clutching about these riots, & not as outraged about the murder of George Floyd will be blocked on site.

Already blocked quite a few. 🤬