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Bio And anyway, no matter how much you may behave like the deaf adder of Scripture which, as you are doubtless aware, the more one piped, the less it danced...
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Twitter Web App : Chilling out, watching the snow, trying to decide whether a less moral society inclines toward essentialism or a more essentialist society becomes less moral

Twitter Web App : "The bloodline aristocracy is racist" is the funniest controversy I have ever seen on here. twitter.com/spectator/stat…

Twitter Web App : hahahahahahahahahaha I am become a cleansing fire twitter.com/NewStatesman/s…

Twitter Web App : Kevin Seccia Actually pretty easy! Hard snap to the right of the doorknob, driving through your heel or as much of the sole as possible. Great way to surprise your friend on his birthday.

Twitter Web App : Remember when millennials hit their mid-20s and a certain number of Gen Xers suddenly became hyperwoke reality TV addicts? Anyway, enjoying the Dimes Square coverage.

Twitter Web App : Also massive respect to the Dems in the replies pointing out that he got a bigger check under Trump

iPhone : One time Cracky ran through a murder of crows (rude), and when they flew away there was a pork chop! Thus began a series of misunderstandings.

iPhone : Sen. Sinema’s spokesperson said it’s sexist to comment on a female politician’s “body language” or “physical demeanor” when HuffPost inquired about her thumbs down vote on min. wage. Okay. bit.ly/3uWiMfn by Sara B.

Twitter Web App : These young people, who have high-paying jobs in urban areas but did not go to college or inherit wealth, and who are also not evangelical Christians or progressives, are the future of the Democratic Party.

Twitter Web App : Fortunately, Democrats can rely on young voters who make more than $15 an hour but don't have student loans and also do not benefit from GOP tax policies.

Twitter Web App : Today we launched Working Families for Tester, folks across Big Sky Country who understand the importance of hard work and a fair wage. I will always advocate for Montana’s working families in the Senate. Watch some of their stories here → facebook.com/Working-Famili… #mtpol #mtsen

Twitter Web App : We need to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage. Middle-class families working full-time shouldn’t live in poverty #mtpol #SenateBudget

Twitter Web App : A full-time minimum-wage earner makes less than $16k a year. This one’s a no-brainer. Tell Congress to #RaiseTheWage! bit.ly/RaiseTheWageKS

Twitter Web App : Net worth of the 8 Democrats who just voted down $15 minimum wage:
Chris Coons: $10.13 million
Angus King: $9.49 million
Joe Manchin: $7.62 million
Tom Carper: $5.73 million
Jeanne Shaheen: $3.82 million
Jon Tester: $3.67 million
Maggie Hassan: $3.47 million
Krysten Sinema: N/A