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Hootsuite Inc. : Once you've got enough money to survive (no small feat for many, alas), here's how to spend money to become happier:

1. Buy goods & services that save you time.

2. Choose experiences over things.

3. Invest in others. (Charity, gifts, etc.)


Hootsuite Inc. : Breaks aren't a deviation from learning. They're *part* of learning.

So, don't cram over long, unbroken stretches of time.

Instead, space out learning and take frequent pauses to refresh your mind and body.


Hootsuite Inc. : Sign of our times.

All of the books on this week’s NYT paperback nonfiction bestseller list are about racism, fascism, or trauma.


Hootsuite Inc. : "Choose an idea that even if it fails, you were going to be proud of it."


Hootsuite Inc. : That pile of discarded ideas?

They’re not failures. They might save your life.

Just ask Leif, the botanical protagonist of the latest childrens book from Allison Sweet Grant & Adam Grant.

Its a great parable about creativity and courage.


Twitter Web App : Over the last few months, Ive learned a thing or two from the young people in our country. I figured I would return the favor by sharing with you how to make a plan to vote in this upcoming election.

Get registered and vote early: votesave.us/obama

Video: attn

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Hootsuite Inc. : Save like a pessimist.

Invest like an optimist.


Hootsuite Inc. : What we expect: Reconnecting with an old friend by phone will be more awkward than doing so by text or email.

What happens: Reconnecting by phone is way more satisfying than by text or email.

Bonus: It's actually *not* awkward.


Twitter Web App : It’s over for our species. These 99 seconds are proof. OMFG. twitter.com/RandyRainbow/s…

Hootsuite Inc. : When people extended acts of kindness to co-workers:

- Givers' job satisfaction & happiness climbed.

- Receivers' autonomy deepened & they paid the good deeds forward.

Small, kind gestures – freely chosen – can create virtuous cycles in organizations.


Hootsuite Inc. : The pandemic in 6-word memoirs, including:

- Home ec: rationing butter, bourbon, sanity.

- Required school supplies: screens, screens, screens.

- This is what time looks like.

- Avoiding death, but certainly not living.


Hootsuite Inc. : Heres a photo I took yesterday in downtown DC.

Its the sign in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church, across from Lafayette Square, site of President Trump’s notorious Bible photo-op.

Hootsuite Inc. : Bosses --

Please. Enough of the sh*t sandwich approach to feedback. People are onto the ruse.

Instead, offer the bad news first. Then give the good news.

Most important, make feedback specific and actionable.



Hootsuite Inc. : Do not mistake confidence for competence.

Higher SES folks are most confident -- irrespective of ability.

Meantime, people with genuine expertise are actually *more* tentative & uncertain in their specialty precisely *because* they know so much.


Hootsuite Inc. : Some good WFH advice here:

- Create a "commute" -- a short period to transition from home to work.

- Design a closing ritual to mark the day's end.

- Focus on your daily "must win."

- Schedule & protect uninterrupted heads-down time.


Hootsuite Inc. : 52% of Americans age 18 to 29 are now living with their parents -- the highest rate since the Great Depression.


Hootsuite Inc. : This is how to praise people, large & small:

- Praise the process, not the person.

- Ask questions about the process.

- Don't praise by comparison.

- Nix the superlatives.

- Consider descriptive feedback instead.


Hootsuite Inc. : And the Oscar for best opening paragraph of a book review goes to . . . .


Hootsuite Inc. : While the world melts down, enjoy this diversion: Bill Murray seamlessly inserted into famous paintings.