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Bio Times columnist, Conservative peer, Dad of 3. Book of columns Everything In Moderation will be published in August 2020.
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Twitter Web App : I will order it and looking forward to reading it when I have finished Hilary Mantel's third volume sometime in 2026. twitter.com/dannythefink/s…

Twitter Web App : Duncan Weldon Yes I agree. There have been books about “How the Spanish Flu changed with affairs” while the most striking thing is either that it didn’t or that it did and pretty much every historian has missed it.

Twitter Web App : I should buy a copy for those friends who have moaned over the years that they can’t access Danny’s articles - my having recommended them - from behind the paywall. Might cost a few bob but this will be a wonderful collection twitter.com/Dannythefink/s…

Twitter Web App : This will be very good indeed. Daniel Finkelstein is always readable whether on politics, the Beatles or Pinner. (I hope some Notebook items made it in since he writes them with elegance and wit.) Buy it so that all those 1000s of Diet Cokes he drank while writing didn't die in vain. twitter.com/Dannythefink/s…