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Twitter Web App : For the legal folks: Ryerson is hiring in the area(s) of Indigenous law and/or Aboriginal law....


Twitter Web App : I'm surprised Cree kokums weren't named defendants in this case as well 😂 twitter.com/CTVNews/status…

Twitter Web App : We are all Treaty people. As settlers on this land, we have an obligation to uphold our treaty commitments.

Colonial systems are set up to continue the erasure of First Peoples.

Today I’m pledging $1492 towards the #1492LandBackLane legal defence fund.

Join Me youtu.be/8m7DeVZ0LNA

Twitter Web App : My little one is only 20 months old, but they know this is so important that they donated to this as a birthday gift to me. See below if you wish to do the same and support this challenge.

Stop Kenney from Shutting Down iOAT gofundme.com/f/stop-kenney-…

Twitter Web App : Good medicine to be a part of this conversation! And yes that is my zoom face 80% of the time. twitter.com/brock_lawyer/s…

Twitter Web App : RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki says the RCMP wants "lawful, peaceful dialogue," with no explanation as to why RCMP officers did nothing as lots of people broke the law in front of them.

Twitter Web App : What also isn't evidence? The existence of a closed season. The closed season existed in 1999 as well. The reality is that the 'conservation concern' has never been made out with evidence that a mi'kmaq moderate livelihood fishery would detrimentally affect the stock.

Twitter Web App : What isn't evidence? Proof of a 'violent disagreement' between Indigenous and non-Indigenous fisheries. The editorial board tacitly 'two-sides' the issue with that language btw, the violence has been a one-way street.