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Twitter Web App : Anita Cardinal Awe thanks Anita - and I get a lot of learning and happiness from the courses, and you all! I centered myself in those examples to keep the effect of those instances on Indig students and practitioners in the light.

Twitter Web App : Tracey Wear a Mask Lindberg Thanks Tracey, and I am not worried or concerned with the view of faculty on my assessment. Only how the formality of how those assessments are required means consistently having to recall the context they originated in - full of micro/macro-aggressions that come with unlearning.

Twitter Web App : I can't say I am a beader or bead-whisperer, but being beader-adjacent I know this much is true:

The moment you dream up a meme its already being stitched-out by someone else 😂

Twitter Web App : Indigeneity is an analytic, not an identity. Sámi is an identity. Kanaka Maoli is an identity. Lakota and Anishinabe and Puyallup are identities. Indigeneity describes a certain set of relationships to colonialism, anticolonialism and specific lands and places.

Twitter Web App : "The land was ours, before we were the land's".

Spoken by Robert Frost at JFK's Inauguration, mythologizing the erasure of Indigenous peoplehood and Indigenous law, and governance in the US.

It is a new day. And a time to continue the old struggle of overturning these myths.

Twitter Web App : Levi Bjork I coordinated a project that set up youth development programs with First Nation and Metis communities. It was with the Ministry of Community Development, and then Sport, Recreation, & Arts.

Twitter Web App : One of the gifts of the work is learning from students as take their journey through the materials. In my treaties course, one student recorded their dialogue with their son about treaty and colonialism, and the necessity of continuing unlearning. Such a gift, please listen. twitter.com/ChildWht/statu…

Twitter Web App : Tomorrow the family of Cindy Gladue continues on to seek justice for her death. twitter.com/ReconciliYEG/s…

Twitter Web App : In my family, we open the windows at midnight to let the air of the new year in. Something done for generations, when rough years changed over towards the promise of a new one. The promise of new air is especially prescient this year.

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