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Bio ex-ex-Labour Party member, relapsed recluse, but always a socialist.
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Twitter Web App : This is grim. Remember the Left lost its chance of having a socialist leadership in Unison because we stood *three* candidates when the Right stood only one (despite the total share of the Left vote being higher). A reminder it would be criminal if the same happened in Unite. twitter.com/JamesEFoster/s…

Twitter Web App : Who says Israel is "one of Britain's closest allies"?

It's not in NATO. We have no treaty with Israel. Successive UK governments have opposed Israel's illegal occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and Golan Heights.

And Labour POLICY is for an arms embargo.

Twitter Web App : Press brief: Once again, no attention to the key public health intervention to ensure isolation of existing cases and contacts. Everything discussed was about risks and vaccines. And not a single journalist asked about the rumoured payment to people testing positive. Hugh Pym

Twitter Web App : James Meadway Joe Guinan J.A. Smith I'd agree with that (2016 I think you mean). A strong EEA position then would not have been a panacea, but might have been the least worst option. It was too late when the party went into 2019 still divided, which wasn't just a Brexit problem, but a problem for the whole project.

Twitter Web App : Another stellar episode of #TyskySour. If there was any justice in this world, Michael Walker would be getting an important journalism award for his coverage of the pandemic. It's immeasurably better than the rest of the media put together. youtu.be/Vp87mS0vb0k via YouTube

Twitter Web App : I wish I’d been wrong about the Trump Twitter Ban impact on other organisations but... twitter.com/nypost/status/…

Twitter Web App : This, I’m afraid, is a complete defeat for democratising forces inside Labour. The general secretary being able to unilaterally disqualify candidates is absurd - and you can be quite certain this kind of politics isn’t open to electoral reform. twitter.com/mish_rahman/st…

Twitter Web App : A deeply worrying thread, though probably not surprising from the Starmer control freak regime. twitter.com/mish_rahman/st…

Twitter Web App : Word of the day is 'arsle': a 19th-century verb meaning to make no progress whatsoever on a job in hand - literally, to 'shuffle backwards'.

Twitter Web App : Ally Fogg On your first point, I totally agree: I keep trying to explain to people that Israel is the puppet of western imperialism, not the other way around. But your second point is not the whole story: this appointment also betrays Starmer's world view (ie pro-imperialism).