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Bio Just trying to survive one day at a time. Getting harder and harder each day. Thankful that I have 2 healthy grandchildren in my life. Aurora and Lincoln 😍😍.
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iPhone : What in the world makes you think you could be a good baseball umpire? ~ Charlie Brown --- Because Im always right! ~ Lucy van Pelt (Classic Peanuts - November 26, 1965) #MLB #Baseball

iPhone : Can you imagine if all 52 percent of teachers decide to retire in December ?? I can’t say I blame them but boy you think the education system is in peril now ?? Just wait if this happens.

Twitter Web App : Thinking of having quilts made for the munchkins. Anyone know anybody reputable ? Thanks !! Just something to keep them warm and cozy

Twitter Web App : Behind each great moment in sport there is a referee, an official, or an umpire making a call, and without them there would be no game.

Respect your referees, umpires, and officials.