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Twitter Web App : Raion Ethan Klein You not paying attention isn't Ethan's problem. What of his missteps have been anything like Keemstar's? Someone has an obsession with calling people pedophiles, & it's not Ethan. Have you ever considered responding to what Ethan is actually saying, or is that too hard for you?

Twitter Web App : ThatOneSpartan Ethan Klein You're talking about two close friends of his, idiot. Last time you checked. Lol. You don't actually care about any of the people Keemstar has destroyed, huh. Or his behavior.

Twitter Web App : KEEM 🍿 Wow this is gloriously desperate. Daniel, you're a coward. If you had a responsible bone in your body, you'd listen to the criticism and check yourself. But no, instead you resort to once again trying to destroy people's lives. Such a coward.