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Twitter Web App : UK announces new date for the cancelled UN #COP26 climate summit meant to take place end 2020: 1 November 2021.

Can we now drop the pretence that this summit is "postponed"?

It was cancelled. These are annual summits. We've lost a year.

Twitter Web App : I know this all seems like a joke and easy to dismiss, but that is part of their strategy to lure in young men and downplay what they are talking about. It is deadly serious. These men are preparing for a civil war. end/13

Twitter Web App : The Trump administration sprayed cash everywhere in an untargeted way, with every American citizen getting $1200 (I even got the payment and I haven't lived there in 15 years).

In the EU, money instead went to firms to keep workers on their payroll.

Twitter Web App : More here on how the very different economic responses in Europe in America has resulted in a huge difference in the employment situation.

The EU hasn't seen anything near the number of Coronavirus layoffs as the US.

Twitter Web Client : An astonishing number of layoffs in the United States, as unemployment soars to 20% in May.

Why isn't the US providing furlough payments to keep people in work like Europe is? I am honestly baffled by this. apnews.com/85d596c01ff113…

Twitter Web App : This is astonishing. The UK government is using taxpayer money to pay the Daily Mail to run positive stories about its #CoronaVirus response.

Since when does the Daily Mail need to be paid to run positive stories about the Tories??

So many questions. twitter.com/carolecadwalla…

Twitter Web App : Article by Dominic Cummings' wife, which said they emerged from quarantine into London streets, reported to media regulator.

She read it out on ⁦BBC Radio 4 Today; no BBC corrections yet - but ⁦emily m⁩ censured for saying Cummings broke rules. theguardian.com/politics/2020/…

Twitter Web App : Meanwhile, rioting is spreading to more US cities and I'm not sure Trump has even addressed this?

The Minneapolis mayor is asking for the national guard military to be deployed in her city.

Twitter Web App : EXCLUSIVE: ITV News has obtained evidence that it was *always* the plan to discharge Covid-19 patients into care homes.

1,800 beds were block booked in care homes by the NHS and councils for that exact purpose.

...And they’re still being discharged.


Twitter Web App : Wow. Boris Johnson bans CMO Chris Whitty and CSA Sir Patrick Vallance from giving their opinions on Dominic Cummings’ lockdown activities. Now we know why they were abruptly sent home from No10 on Monday instead of doing the press conference.

Twitter Web App : This is really weird.

It's a fair and straight question by Laura Kuenssberg to the scientific advisors and Johnson just prevents them answering it twitter.com/duaoel/status/…

Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson bars Whitty and Vallance from answering question about Cummings' behaviour

I intend to draw line under matter.
'Advisers should be prevented from being dragged into political controversy'

Cummings broke rules.
What's political about that?

Twitter Web App : It feels like something horrendous is coming to a head in the United States.

iPhone : Very scary to think about what this might entail.

Your Twitter feed may be about to be curated by the US government.

More argument for Europe to be developing its own alternatives to these US-based platforms reut.rs/36zJr5O

Twitter Web App : 100,000 Americans dead in four months.

For context, that's 33 9/11s. washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/…

Twitter Web App : According to an analysis by the FT, it is actually the #UK that now has the highest death toll in the world, not the #US.

They arrived at this conclusion by looking at excess deaths. Right now #Belgium is the only country counting these deaths as #COVID19

Twitter Web App : .Paolo Gentiloni says crisis has served as a "wake up call" on the need for own resources

These would be targeted on EU political priorities (climate, digital sovereignty, fair taxation), not on citizens

The alternative, continued funding from national budgets, is not targeted

Twitter Web App : Commission VP Valdis Dombrovskis says EU executive has long desired own resources for the EU budget (direct EU taxation), and the original #MFF proposal already for the 1st time included some including the #PlasticsTax

Now with #RecoveryFund, this desire has turned into a necessity

Twitter Web App : Very scary to think about what this might entail.

Your Twitter feed may be about to be curated by the US government.

More argument for Europe to be developing its own alternatives to these US-based platforms reut.rs/36zJr5O