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Bio Joe Biden, retire. Trump too. Proud 🌹🌅✡️🍽 #UnitedLeft. You always have permission to seize and redistribute my memes.
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iPhone : 😳😳😳 And the Dem response is Biden was "joking", a defense that Trump will use from now on...
Ok... Good Luck!
#NeverBiden #DemExit #GeneralStrike #NotDyingForWallStreet #RentStrike #MedicareForAll #CancelRent #YouAintBlack #JoeBidenIsRacist twitter.com/DavidAgStone/s…

iPhone : America’s hope for the future when #JoeBidenIsRacist and so is Donald Trump (and they’re also both rapists)

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iPhone : Don’t worry, everybody! @joebiden apologized! It’s all good!

No word yet on apologies for jailing millions of POC w/ the 1994 Crime Bill he wrote, or killing all those POC in the Middle East, or locking up all those POC at the border, but hey...

He says he’s sorry for *this*! twitter.com/diddy/status/1…

iPhone : Fred Democrats can’t beat a popular Republican incumbent without *enthusiastic* black voter turnout. Trump only needs to depress black turnout a little to win!

We’d better #ReplaceBiden before he tells all black voters who insist he earn their vote that “#YouAintBlack”!!!