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iPhone : Trump nuts like laughing at peaceful protestors being attacked by police, so IÔÇÖm going to laugh at this lady being tased. She should have done what conservatives preach and just do what the cops say. ­čśé­čśé twitter.com/dots_dottie/stÔÇŽ

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Lindsey Graham is not going to want you to retweet this #LyingLindsey

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iPhone : ÔÇśYou canÔÇÖt do it without usÔÇÖ ÔÇö Listen to this activist make the case for more youth in climate decision-making

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­čô║: TNT

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iPhone : .Jalen Rose with an important halftime message ­čŚú´ŞĆ


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iPhone : Joe Biden should walk out on the debate stage, take his suit jacket off, roll up his sleeves, drop, do 10 pushups, jump back up, look at Trump and say "your turn".

iPhone : DonÔÇÖt worry Mrs. Greene, I completely understand why you need to swing + miss at my intellect to make yourself feel better.

You seem to have some trouble spelling your own insults correctly.

Next time try ÔÇťsingle-handedly,ÔÇŁ itÔÇÖll work better.

Good luck writing legislation! twitter.com/mtgreenee/statÔÇŽ

iPhone : Congressional GOP have made one thing extremely clear:
To them, there are no rules.
There are no principles.
There is only power.

They are ruthless, and always have been in my lifetime.

Dems must recognize they cannot be reasoned with at present & better adapt to that reality. twitter.com/MEPFuller/statÔÇŽ