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Bio Starting open, honest conversations to bring our country together, and address the inequality and exclusion behind the Brexit vote. #LetsTalk
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Twitter Web App : As part of changing the conversation about Brexit, I interviewed documentary photographer Martin Parr

I wanted to hear what his work had revealed about Englishness, the state of our nation and democracy…

Twitter Web App : Parliament may be back, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling last week, but that doesn't remove the urgent need for a written constitution

And it looks like the Attorney General agrees

Twitter Web App : Now inside the Westgate Hotel in Newport. Good to see a banner for the Newport Rising festival which celebrates the Chartist rebellion of 1839

Festival includes a torch-lit procession through the city centre in the footsteps of those early campaigners for #democracy

Twitter Web App : In Newport, just about to go inside the historic Westgate Hotel, currently being refurbished and the site of the last large-scale rebellion against Govt by Chartists in 1839

Talking to local people about where our democracy heads now

#democracy #Newport

Twitter Web App : Brilliant piece from suzanne moore about the culture war which led to #Brexit

But it's not just creatives vs the rest

We need to bridge a widening gulf in Britain. That is what Dear Leavers is all about…

Twitter Web App : Brexit has exposed how divided we are as a country

These divisions will not healed by #JokerJohnson's “awesome foursome” rhetoric and his myriad of empty promises

More thoughts from me on how to rescue our democracy…

Twitter Web App : Today we swap one disastrous PM for another who will be even worse

Brexit has laid bare our country’s divisions

They will not healed by #JokerJohnson

This is serious: our democracy urgently needs rescuing. Here’s how:

Twitter Web Client : Happy St George’s day!

ICYMI, why not join in the discussion with Caroline and Billy Bragg about Englishness? What does it mean to you today?
#StGeorgesDay #LetsTalk

Watch the full video here…

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Twitter Web Client : NEW EP!: This week we’re getting stuck into the debate around English identity with former Labour cabinet minister John Denham, writer Sunny Hundal & MP Caroline Lucas . PLUS we’re joined by comedian Rachel Wheeley

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TweetDeck : We are David Bowies Heroes, we are Shakespeare, we are the NHS. The problem in England is people dont feel heard.

Would you like to see an English Parliament or regional assemblies?

Caroline Lucas & Billy Bragg talk Englishness. Watch the whole film:…

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TweetDeck : We need to talk about England.

England is a divided nation.

A divided nation cannot serve the common good.

Important speech by John Denham on how citizens' assemblies can help heal our divisions and build a new England #LetsTalk…

TweetDeck : We cant ignore the role nationalism & identity played in #Brexit vote.

Nor can we ignore need to give every part of the UK a voice & develop a progressive patriotism that is diverse & open.

Its time to talk about Englishness.

My piece for Red Box…

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TweetDeck : A democratic institution to represent England could be like the English football team. Under Gareth Southgate it is young, diverse, fluid & successful. And its at home in Europe. This is who we really are.

Caroline Lucas writes for Red Box… #LetsTalk

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Twitter Web Client : We visited Dudley to learn about the ties between English identity, democracy and #Brexit.

What is Englishness to you?

Its time to define a progressive patriotism we can all be proud of.

Caroline Lucas #LetsTalk

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