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iPhone : I respect him for wearing the mask. I don't respect Brit Hume because he's an idiot.…

iPhone : I'm many things I didn't choose to be: a US citizen, a white man, a Millennial, an eldest sibling, a Sagittarius & more.
But there's one thing I chose to be that's more important to me than anything else—a Democrat. Let me tell you why I support Joe Biden.

iPhone : Trump threatens to move RNC if NC Gov. Cooper (D) won’t sign off immediately, on a full-capacity gathering in Aug.

The threat comes just 2 days after NC recorded its ⬆️ daily increase in new virus cases to date.

I for one, hope he does move the Petri Dish convention elsewhere!

iPhone : This Biden For President ad really hits hard.

Trump is actively seeking to do away with the Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare during this pandemic.

Trump just doesn't care how many people will have no insurance during a World Wide healthcare crisis.

#OneVoice1 #wtpTEAM…

iPhone : Okay, Trump DEMANDED all Houses of Worship to reopen today.
So, he went to church today right??
Nope, as the death toll reportedly topped 99,000 he went golfing. AGAIN
(99k per…)
#wtpTEAM #OneVoice1 #WTP2020

iPhone : Minnesotans must be so proud of Senator Tina Smith) 's Twitter Profile">Senator Tina Smith. Working towards supplying healthcare, both physical and mental, to her constituents is of utmost importance to her.

Re-elect Senator Tina Smith) 's Twitter Profile">Senator Tina Smith D-MN, by voting for her in November.


iPhone : On Memorial Day we honor all members of the military and their families.

N.C. is proud to be home to the U.S.s largest military base, Fort Bragg.

Thank you Cal Cunningham
for serving our country and North Carolinans would be proud to have you as its Senator


iPhone : The presidency is about a lot more than tweeting from your golf cart. It requires taking on the ultimate responsibility for the biggest decisions in the world. Donald Trump simply wasn’t prepared for that. I promise you I will be.

iPhone : To all the members of our military and our military families, especially those who have lost their service member, thank you. We owe you. We can never lessen the magnitude of your loss, but this I can promise you: we will never forget. #MemorialDay

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iPhone : We have always been able to take crises and turn them into opportunities — and we have the chance to do that once again. If we match our ambitions to the scale of the challenges we face, we can and will transform our country for generations to come.

iPhone : A lot of Republican leaders are saying that the Covid is no different than the common flu

Maybe that’s why so many people are disregarding proper spacing as required these days

And don’t get me started on them not wearing masks in public

iPhone : This Memorial Day let’s honor the stories like my husband’s grandfather. 76 yrs ago he left to join WW2 in France. 73 yrs later, his grandson would make the same trip but to view his grave. The graves show us the price that has been paid & the debt we owe for our lives & liberty.

iPhone : Cada 30 segundos, un joven latino cumple 18 años y se proyecta que 32 millones serán elegibles para votar en 2020

Comprenden la mayor proporción de votantes minoritarios por primera vez en la historia de los Estados Unidos