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Bio Your hot take has probably given me heart burn.

And we all universally know that anything weird tastes like chicken somehow.

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Android : ADHD is tough to handle when you have to sit in once spot for a few hours, so she had to stim every so often.

Mob mentality is one thing, but stan mob mentality is fucking brutal and really has no place on Earth.

Android : That #austinshow last night was pretty cringe, if not because of the chat getting on the backs of anyone, for literally ANYTHING.

Minx said something offensive? Whoops. that's pretty on-brand though, its why people like her.

Susu fidgeted too much. No duh!

Android : Luca Can't you say that your dog has just come out of surgery and needs all the bed rest she can get and the music is making it harder for her to rest and recover?

Android : TK GameSpot Oh I know we'll probably never see something big the likes of G. Lucas selling the rights to Star Wars probably ever again (for as much good as that has done)

It's just a shame that so many people's childhood has to be somehow linked back to one woman's transphobia and bigotry.

Android : TK GameSpot I think the worst part about all of this is when you think about the blind fans who are still thanking JK Rowling for her work on this series. What they have to remember is that if she kept having direct control on projects, recons galore would continue to happen.

Android : Luca The opportunity to go half green was right. there. Heard about a great photoshop video posted today that could have helped too ๐Ÿค”