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Android : President?

We HAVE no president.

We have Trump, the psychotic mob boss of the criminal GOP.

We have 134,000 dead Americans.

As they died, they got nothing from Trump but DECEIT.

#ImpeachTrumpAgain John McCain Roger Stone Ted Cruz Law and Order McCloskeys Lady G Impeach Nixon

Android : This song is catchy af

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Android : Nobody who charges you with their whole body tensed up and barking at you with I FEEL THREATENED is actually threatened.

This asshole MUST be a cop. Those are the last words many unarmed Black people hear before being murdered by police.

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Android : Okay.
I’ve had just about enough of this crap..
Costco - ban this unhinged shitpig & report him.
And how has Twitter not identified this steaming pile already???
Screams “I feel threatened!” while threateningly storming towards an unarmed man with clenched fists?
Human Garbage…

Android : Sparks the Echidna - Junior Hero I think of it as an experiment in introducing the avatar character concept as well as a darker tone and debatably the highest stakes a sonic game has ever had. I mean the concept of a sonic game where the Sonic team loses and Eggman takes over 99.99% of the world sounds epic