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Twitter Web App : Inside this quarel, someone even used the word "Neanderthal"

Can never be mechanics or influenzas

Titans are smart

Please get your papers and pens & learn English people

Titans are clashing


Twitter Web App : With the whole fight; let one influencer just attact Tacha 😂😂😂 You will see Titans drag the person and forget they were initially dragging eachother.

Fight all you want tonight and tomorrow; we have work to do on June 1st #StrategicTacha

Twitter Web App : Dear Clash of the Titans, please use your tags while fighting! It's not even 30th May and Royal Rumble has started! Please drag each other with the tag, I'll retweet! Thanks dears!

Twitter Web App : Well at least people who didn’t know Bolanle before, now know her 😌

No publicity is bad publicity

Twitter Web App : Matter plenty for Kingdom tonight o.... I dont even know where to start Settling d matter

Disclaimer : Ive no hand in any of d matter o.

All Ive bin doing all day is hyping Tacha. Nobody should drag me Abeg.

Twitter Web App : D way T hypes GetFit all d Time. Im startin 2 think shes not just an Ambassador, she is also a partner

Its a prtnrshp Deal! Cuz No oda HM signed as ambassador az hyped a brand lyk Tacha hypes GetFit always

No Wonder Every Top Brands with Goals chooses Tacha

Twitter Web App : What A Day To Be Alive🥰😂

DSTV Is Hyping Tacha Now😱


God Of TITANS Never Sleep😪

Tacha Change The Narrative Of A Disqualified Housemates😭

Dont let anybody born of A woman write you off life !!!


Twitter Web App : truth be told, Tacha was a BBA material and not bbn. She was too good for the game. She was on an advanced level of Pepper Dem and was running for the price tag with beginners. It looked unfair to the others.

Twitter Web App : Tacha H@ters every night after they have toured All the DMs of everyone That likes or show Any act of Kindness To Tacha

Bolanle Please be strong like Tacha

thats part of what Tacha faces on a daily

They dont like Tacha so everybody too must not like Tacha🤡


Twitter Web App : Inside life! I Thank God for u Queen Tacha no can dim ur light,you will keep shining ijn 🙏🔱🔱🔱❤

Twitter Web App : What Bolanle identified in Tacha is what titans know Tacha for: Bolar - Tacha is a good person. She is strong, she is fierce and she goes for what she wants. She loves people & she is open hearted. She likes helping people ' this is what Bola had to say abt Tacha #StrategicTacha