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Twitter Web App : Tripplejaz would like to welcome Hero, of Project Hero fame, on board to the project working part time as programmer. Thanks to Hero the above changes were made and have already drastically improved the feel of the game.

Twitter Web App : yallre all abt the cute, "quirky" parts of being nd but as soon as someone talks abt or shows the not so cute, more psychotic and toxic parts of being nd suddenly its "go outside and touch the grass" or "ur weird" or spamming fancams n shit

Twitter Web App : video games: medium in which you can literally do whatever you want with it, both mechanically and visually
AAA studios, for some fucking reason: we need this to look photorealistic and cinematic

Twitter Web App : So I had no idea it was Amys Birthday.
But heres some art of Amy Rose dressed as Sara from the Sonic OVA :D

Twitter Web App : haha im in danger

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