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iPhone : Shawn Rochester I advocate strongly for tech companies to hire from local communities and colleges. Especially from the areas that were redlined or have a history of low upward mobility.

It’s not always received well unfortunately.

Studies like yours help me have that conversation.

iPhone : Jason Ernst Offer creative alternatives, and set mom up for a good joke = double points.

You: “You can use Ace wherever you want, actually, without changing it legally.”

Pause ....

“Your mom wanted to call you Beetlejuice Havokface but I insisted on Klaire.”

Pause .....

Daughter: pic.twitter.com/8QHJeOIxL3

Twitter Web App : Author Shawn Rochester breaks down an important issue in tech that is really holding companies and their workers back. Amazing research.

Even if you only have time to watch the first 15-20 minutes you'll learn somehing really interesting. Shawn Rochester


iPhone : Chris Carley Zac Bowden That’s a fair point. Many people want a specific function or button right on the main screen.

For mobile apps we have this debate all the time. It’s a big decision.

For iWork, what are three things you feel are missing from the main screen (any app)?

iPhone : Chris Carley Zac Bowden I sure have. Here’s a thought, as a professional app developer.

One design principle seems to underly the entire iWork suite:

Make prominent only the things you need. Other features can be easily found. Many other office suites, by comparison, overwhelm the user.

iPhone : Orion is a familiar constellation in Earths night sky. This illustration by Ronald Davison reconstructs the relative positions of Orions bright stars, including data from the Hipparcus catalog of parallax distances buff.ly/2FU6grW

iPhone : Trust me. The last thing you want is a playwright planning anything to happen in the real world. I’m just sayin. twitter.com/BeauWillimon/s…

iPhone : Brandi Kruse Oh no. Uhhhhh ... well ... how can I say this?

The phrase “You look like a fishsticks model” is now, technically, a double entendre.

it’s a South Park thing.

Just ask Mike Hawk. Mike Hawk can you help out here?


Twitter Web App : I interrupt your normally scheduled timeline to bring you some appropriate music. An original song by my new buddy Mr. Wilde:


iPhone : I have an MBA and am used to reading complicated contracts. I’ve seen some pretty complicated contracts.

But wow - these music and film contracts are ultra complicated. twitter.com/kanyewest/stat…

iPhone : Saturday’s are for tower work.

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iPhone : maxey472 The laptop in your car should be an Android device optimized for what you need.

Serious question:

What are the three things you need on the laptop?

If there is one thing you do on the laptop that could be done automatically what would it be?