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Twitter Web App : I am very much struggling with the concept that it’s december tomorrow?? apparently time flies when you are having absolutely not fun at all

Twitter Web App : I'm no economics professor, but if food banks are rationing food because of record demand while billionaires gained a record $1 trillion in combined wealth, it might be time to reconsider our system.

Twitter Web App : After tonight’s lunar eclipse in Gemini, nothing will be the same. You will evolve. People will judge you. Evolve anyway. You gotta care more about your relationship with your inner self than anything else. If you are out of alignment with your soul, you have nothing to offer.

Twitter Web App : Todays card. Should is a tricky concept in human behavior. If youre looking at how someone acts only in terms of whether they should or should not, youre missing out on the why of what theyre doing or not doing. Sometimes the why is where the potential for adjustment lives.

Twitter Web App : Or raise awareness to it in the comments of their socials
The gofundme link is
Donate and/or spread it. Especially in the comments of their socials 😌

Twitter Web App : You glance out the window at 4:56. There’s a sparrow perched on a nearby oak tree.

You look out the window at 5 o’clock. It’s pitch dark.

#ThanksgivingInChuckNaztyGIFs 😱

Android : Todays card. Maybe you hid your wishes away somewhere because at one time it hurt too much to both want something & watch that desire go unfulfilled. Maybe you did that & doing that is how you got through. Reclaiming true desires is shadow work, too. Be wild & audacious with it.

Android : Mike Matt I'm going to pass on the Blue Buffalo feeding tube or I'm pretty sure my dog will eat me. Guess I just have to live through this like an adult.

Android : Self-love doesn’t always mean loving yourself the way you are. Often, it’s a gentle rebellion. It’s waking up and realizing you don’t like what you see in the mirror. It’s removing yourself from anything that doesn’t resonate with you, and vibrating at your own unique frequency.

Twitter Web App : You deserve a slow love. Uncomplicated. No rush. Sure. Stable. Consistent. You deserve that love. You deserve someone that’s sure of you, that you’re sure of.

Twitter Web App : Me trying to get my favorite players autograph