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Twitter Web App : lisa mirando Ummm. Can the media please get back to the 15K + elderly COVID19 deaths caused because of Cuomo's ill conceived policy? Sex harassment must stop but 15k + dead....Priority of scandals matters

Twitter Web App : #CuomoScandals - Sexual Harassment must stop. But can we all agree that 15k + Covid dead in nursing homes cannot be ignored? Why has the media stopped talking about THAT?

Hootsuite Inc. : Your parents, grandparents or YOU could have your life hijacked by a court approved system called GUARDIANSHIP. How does it work? dianedimond.com/art-imitates-l… Theres a new movie that depicts it precisely.

Hootsuite Inc. : If you or your loved one is elderly WATCH OUT...A court ordered guardianship could strip you of everything. It can happen without warning dianedimond.com/art-imitates-l… A new movie shows how it can happen.

Twitter Web App : Tomi Lahren You are so sharp & I like what you have to say. But your delivery is often exhausting. Please, take a breath...sit back, relax as you speak and more people will discover how brilliant you are! Your fan, dd

Twitter Web App : Here's the full clip; 189,000 views. Thank you again @Tuckercarlson, team, for this discussion about the tyranny quickly overshadowing us under the guise of a medical crisis, and how patriots on left and right need to unite to save America, our freedoms. video.foxnews.com/v/623451232700…

Twitter Web App : Scott Morefield Dr Naomi Wolf Indeed! Why don't the liberal/progressive/woke citizens see that this trend is taking away so many constitutional rights? A slippery slope if I ever saw one....Wake up America.

Twitter Web App : Dr Naomi Wolf Tucker Carlson I want to thank you for speaking to what so many of us think - what so many of us fear...The breakdown of our Constitutional protections and our way of life. Those who seek socialism, the cancel culture and group think are the enemy of our Republic. Please keep talking!

Hootsuite Inc. : Insider trading on confidential information is a crime. But what if members of Congress - or their spouses - are suspected of doing it? dianedimond.com/one-way-politi… The FBI has investigated members. Guess how many arrests?

Hootsuite Inc. : Members of Congress get all sorts of confidential insider information. What if they, or their family, uses that to game the stock market?dianedimond.com/one-way-politi… Is that an arrest worthy offense?

Hootsuite Inc. : MamaJ I'm not convinced they do. Take serial killers for example. They murder and keep going. e.g. Bundy, Little, Rader, etc. But, if the DO return its their psychopathy drawing them back to look at their 'handiwork' I suppose.

Hootsuite Inc. : 《Delanee》🇺🇲 Would it be impertinent to ask what our POTUS plans to do about the migrants amassing at our Southern border? And whether his DOJ will still investigate Hunter? I have MANY questions I wish reporters would ask and write about to inform the American people. Vid games? Don't care.

Hootsuite Inc. : The U.S. is the only Western country that still considers capital punishment acceptable. ow.ly/BH3K50DAMjI A majority of states now want to ban the death penalty outright. Should we?

Android : I would go as far as saying it’s a fact the Cuomo brothers comedy hour on CNN was a complete disgrace and an insult as body bags piled up. twitter.com/FoxNews/status…