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iPhone : The president has chosen not to be seen in public or walk to the briefing room to make a statement twitter.com/anacabrera/sta…

iPhone : Ghadir Taher was a Syrian American giving back to our nation by helping us navigate the cultural landscape. Native linguists are the unsung heros of GWOT. Shannon, a life long student of Arabic loved practicing the Syrian dialect with Ghadir.

iPhone : Scotty Wirtz a former SEAL & DIA intel officer. Scotty had been deployed almost constantly since 9/11. Scotty welcomed Shan to Syria when she arrived & helped her get settled into the mission.

iPhone : Shannon was kill with three other Amazing Americans, please keep them in your thoughts & celebrate their lives.

CW2 Jon Farmer from 5th SFG. Jon was a true leader & warrior. Jon was also a loving husband & father of his 4 children.

iPhone : A great time to remind people that Station HYPO, a blog dedicated to Navy cryptology, has a campaign to contact lawmakers and petition that a destroyer be named in honor of Kent.

iPhone : Two years ago today U.S. Navy Senior Chief Shannon Kent was killed by a suicide bomber in Syria.

Kent, a wife, mother of 2 & a member of our IWO Community, spoke 7 languages, had multiple combat deployments w/ SEALs, survived cancer & was working towards her PhD.

We remember her.

iPhone : Comparisons of DC with war zones are gratuitous and disingenuous — you can fully convey the seriousness of what’s happening here without indulging in superficial analogies.

iPhone : Only about 2,000 people in the world can speak the Cherokee language fluently. As Covid-19 spread, that number began to dwindle.

Now the Cherokee Nation is prioritizing vaccinations for Cherokee speakers in an effort to save its culture and identity. cnn.it/2LFZ1H0

iPhone : Rent the Runway Support hi! My order showed up in already ripped plastic bag instead of a garment bag.
The belt for the coat is missing, so I can’t wear it... & I also can’t return it (or the other unlimited items I have at home) because I didnt receive a garment return bag?
What do I do?

iPhone : After receiving legal letter, conservative outlet American Thinker has issued an incredible statement admitting it published completely false info on Dominion that had no basis in fact. It apologizes to readers for abandoning journalistic principles. americanthinker.com/blog/2021/01/s…

Twitter Web App : Seems like a lot of people need to re-read this piece today


Twitter Web App : The Storm, or the mass arrest and public execution of Democrats, is the organizing principle of QAnon. It’s the very point of it. Time to stop laughing it off. twitter.com/alivelshi/stat…

Twitter Web App : This National Guardsman is still teaching his Fairfax County students while protecting Washington DC. “Some kids are shocked at the uniform but we talk through it”

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