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Bio Never Trumper. Sick of waking up every morning wondering what ridiculous scheisse Trump’s tweeted or done overnight! Let’s take our country back! FBR ALWAYS!
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iPhone : America is literally on fire. The police are murdering people. The plague is still happening. And President Donald Trump is hiding in an underground bunker. Welcome to the month of June.

iPhone : Biden left his home twice since the start of the pandemic. To lay a Memorial Day wreath and to visit a site of George Floyd's protest.

Trump left the WH to visit battleground states and to play golf.

iPhone : I am a criminal defense lawyer in Raleigh since 2009 who can offer free / pro bono representation to people arrested in Raleigh protests or accusations of looting etc. I have repped NAACP Moral Monday, BLM and statue protesters for years. Text or Signal me at (919) 946-5392


Powerful (true) video from The Lincoln Project, Republicans against Donald J. Trump.

#FakePresident #DividerInChief #Biden2020

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iPhone : Earlier today, a number of advisers spent time telling the president not to tweet and going over why it was making things worse. Now, he’s tweeting folks using QANon slogans.…