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Bio We must fight every single day against the hatred and bigotry of the Trump Administration for our shared values of justice and equality. #LoveTrumpsHate #RESIST
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iPhone : BREAKING: Democratic State Senator Barbara Bollier is ahead of GOP frontrunner Kris Kobach in a new poll of the U.S. Senate race in Kansas. This seat will be crucial to take back the US Senate from Mitch McConnell!

RETWEET if you support Bollier as she runs to beat Kris Kobach!

iPhone : Universal background checks, a ban on manufacturing of assault-style weapons, and a safer community for Georgians. These are just a few of the things voters can expect if they elect Carolyn Bourdeaux to Congress. We are proud to stand with her and offer our endorsement!

iPhone : The election is on Tuesday, June 9th -- less than one week away. Read below for details but your donation of $25 TRIPLE MATCHED will put $100 in Carolyn Bourdeaux's war chest -- but give what you can give!

Chip in here:……

iPhone : It's hard to believe this has to be said, but unlike this president, I’ll do my job and take responsibility. I won’t blame others. And I’ll never forget that the job isn’t about me — it’s about you.

iPhone : Senator Collins has turned her back on Mainers time and time again. Maine deserves a senator who will stand up for whats right and fight for them in Washington. #MESen #mepolitics

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iPhone : Right now on the Senate floor, Senator Paul is explaining to Senators Booker and Harris what lynching is and isn’t, and why he’s blocking their bill to make it a federal crime.

I just can’t.

iPhone : Real change requires protest to highlight a problem, and politics to implement practical solutions and laws. As I mentioned yesterday in our MBK Alliance town hall, there are several steps our mayors and elected officials can take right now:

iPhone : We are a nation in pain, but we must not allow this pain to destroy us.

We are a nation enraged, but we cannot allow our rage to consume us.

We are a nation exhausted, but we will not allow our exhaustion to defeat us.

iPhone : We're turning up the heat next Sunday, June 7th in a big way!

We're got to keep up the fight for Joe Biden
and keep tweeting for him throughout the day with #GoJoe and #GoJoe2020 and #TrumpResignNow

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iPhone : Donald Trump has turned our country into a battlefield riven by old resentments and fresh fears. He thinks division helps him.

I ask every American to look at where we are now, and think anew: Is this who we are? Is this who we want to be?

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