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Bio We call upon Harvard to #divest its endowment from the fossil fuel industry and reinvest responsibly.
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Twitter Web App : 10/ "Emissions are really important and we definitely have an imperative to think about them if we would like to live, but we have to look much more holistically about what kind of world we are building. Emissions are just one piece of what doesn't work about the world."

Twitter Web App : 8/ "When people say they're trying to save the planet, let's just be clear โ€”ย the planet's gonna be okay. ... The question is whether we as humans will be able to survive the conditions we're creating on this planet."

Twitter Web App : 6/ "When I approach anyone on anything, I start from a place of recognizing that I am in process. ... I speak from my lived experience, from what I have seen, what I've experienced, I try to live my life from an open-hearted and vulnerable place."

Twitter Web App : In the '90s, Microsoft donated to Citizens for a Sound Economy, a group pushing against antitrust.

It was funded by the Kochs. Another of its activities was killing an energy tax to encourage renewables.

Now Bill Gates donates to fight climate change.โ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : Provost Garbers emails about Harvard Grad Students Union-UAW always illuminate

He knows our contract doesnt have the neutral grievance procedure for harassment weve demanded

So, 1 month after a massive scandal, I cant read this as anything else: this contract protects our sexually abusive profs

Twitter Web App : Harvard, in the midst of a pandemic, is sending its troops to police Black neighborhoods of Boston. The case for abolishing the Harvard police makes itself every day. #AbolitionNow

iPhone : Another big election nears that could send a big message to the heart of the establishment:
Harvard alumni: If you want to see Harvard become a climate leader and divest from fossil fuels, vote for the Harvard Forward candidates and help spread the word."