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iPhone : Saw this documentary and although I do disagree with some of these comedians positions on political and religious views, they have the right to speak under the 1A. Comedians are getting a wake up call on censorship stemming from the PC left. via YouTube

iPhone : God Bless You Donald J. Trump
And Give You That Extra Measure Of Strength🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

And We Know That All Things Work Together For Good To Those Who Who Love God, To Those Who Are Called According To His Purpose.
Romans 8:28



iPhone : We were worried about this rapist’s health so we let him walk free. Now he’s killed his accuser. A 29 year old woman is dead because we were worried about this RAPIST getting sick. Now he’s a rapist and a MURDERER ! Which idiots are making these decisions?…

iPhone : President Trump What a bunch of lies we have been fed! No wonder #TheyWontBeAbleToWalkDownTheStreet #DrainTheDeepStateLuciferianCabal

iPhone : Portland Mayor: Violent Rioters 'Attempting to Commit Murder'

Excuse me Mayor Ted, didn’t you just call these people, peaceful protestors? You weren’t concerned when they were just burning and looting.

Nice to know you draw the line at MURDER! Wake up!…

iPhone : BREAKING:

Rashida Tlaib violated election laws, must pay back campaign funds, House Ethics Committee rules

Why does she and the Squad keep getting away with breaking the laws?

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iPhone : Tucker Carlson’s show is one of the most watched show at 3.9 million viewers.

The NBA has had only 1.2 million viewers

I wonder why?

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iPhone : 🇺🇸Good Saturday morning Patriots✝️Every new day is a gift from God and we are grateful for it 🙏We pray for the sick and weary, for our families, first responders, Troops, Country and our President🇺🇸Wishing an awesome day for you and your love ones♥️ #MAGA2020🇺🇸

iPhone : Nancy Pelosi gets offended at interviewer for asking a question that doesn’t fit into her narrative.


Vote Laura L00mer for Congress

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iPhone : Wearing masks appears to have no expiry date. How long will America’s sheep go along with this, even AFTER a vaccine is available remains to be seen.

Coronavirus vaccine: Dr. Fauci says chance of it being highly effective is not great…

iPhone : The virus may very well end with a Biden victory; however, what will follow in accordance with Biden’s Socialist-Marxist agenda will bite for a long time afterwards.…