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Twitter Web App : 💥Professional C*nt💥 get what your saying, but I've had a contract with them already for nearly 3 years now, doesn't make any sense that all of a sudden they want me to verify my age now. They certainly weren't interested when I was ready to spend big bucks on the latest model samsung!

Twitter Web App : Simone Justice I think the internet has certainly facilitated a lot, things were a lot more "clandestine" when I first started, and I had more vanilla acquaintances back then than I do these days!

Twitter Web App : Simone Justice Not really, truth be told there isn't really any separation between my bdsm life and "normal" life, I don't even really have vanilla friends because of the kinky social scene I tend to exclusively mix in, and not even on purpose, it's just what I'm naturally drawn to!

Twitter Web App : Hogspy apparently not, they say it's not registered on my account that they have applied the filter, but it seems it's also been applied to my partners phones, both contract and payg who's on the same network, so it's all a big bloody mystery! Still on the phone trying to sort it! 🤦‍♀️

Android : It's my fricking mobile network, they've decided all of a sudden to apply an adult content filter to my account and are asking me to verify my age with a bank card. I'm on a fucking contract you knob jockeys! Since when are under 18's allowed to enter financial contracts??! 🤦‍♀️

Android : Simone Justice I was 18 when I started prodomming, by the time I started my "branding" I was already comfortable with the fact that I was in it for life, hence using real name, real face etc. I knew then that my life would never have space for anyone against it so it's been easy to keep em out!

Android : Simone Justice Never to be honest, but probably because I'm a pretty good judge of character, I can sniff these types out pretty quickly, so long before any real attachment is formed between us and the relationship doesn't yet have any real meaning to me, so no loss.

Android : Still waiting to see which of Trumps shittiest qualities will win out: self preservation - will he resign so that Pence can take over & pardon Trump at the end of his 6 week term, or will he stick with despotism & desperately try to cling to power, to his own detriment... 🤔…

Android : I never have to deal with negativity about my job, because the moment a person even dares to murmur a bad word about my character just because of my profession, they get cut! 🔪


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