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iPhone : Nothing still upsets the left more than the undeniable details concerning mail-in ballot fraud! Bezos is demanding in-person balloting for Amazon’s unionization vote. He’s obviously suspicious of mail-in voter fraud too.…

iPhone : If you accurately note that Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos doesn’t want Amazon to be subject to a mail-in union election because of the likelihood of fraud and coercion, Twitter will censor you. Check out the warning on the below tweet. Completely insane.…

iPhone : Identify how you want no one cares but, when you start destroying biological women’s life’s work is sports we should be reassessing out sanity.
Where are the feminists? Where are the soccer moms? Asking for talented female athletes everywhere.

iPhone : Okay, Biden supporters, can you fill us in on why this is a good idea? I don’t expect the “news” to cover this in any detail.…

iPhone : I’m surprised they waited a full 2 days into the Biden admin to take their boot off the neck of small business. Disgusting what these leftist politicians have done to America.…

iPhone : If a Republican did any of the things the Biden Administration has done in the last 72 hours, they’d be accused of killing the poor and elderly, lying about a virus, provoking a war, and selectively choosing which laws they care about enforcing.