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Android : Hugh Grant:

Anywhere in the country where a Tory can be beaten, they have to be beaten. The country faces an emergency

#GE2019 #Brexit

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Android : Steve Coogan:
We need to stop this Government in its tracks. Its time to change things and stop this lurch to the right
#GE2019 #Brexit

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Android : Steve Coogan
The future of the countrys at stake. Theres a lurch to right-wing populism, and the Tory Govt is party to that rise

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Android : Hearing London is looking 'very difficult' for the Tories

Told Tory activists from all over capital - including some from marginal Chingford - were pulled into Chipping Barnet & Putney this afternoon

The phrase 'a majority of one is still a majority' is doing the rounds

Android : For what it's worth, I hear canvassing returns today have given Labour an internal projected vote share of 36.2%. Their number crunchers are saying its now 50/50 between a a hung parliament and a small Tory majority.

Android : D-Day Vet
#Brexit worries me. It would be awful that after uniting European nations together, to break it all up, would be a crying shame

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Android : Brand vs Farage πŸ‘Š
Farage is not a cartoon character. He isnt Del Boy. He aint Arthur Daley. He is a pound shop Enoch Powell

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