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iPhone : I will tweet more later about this but wow yesterday was a terrifying lesson and reminder about the importance of fieldwork safety planning and how I need to do better. NEVER do fieldwork alone or let your students do so, please! Accidents happen. Have plans/first aid training.

Twitter Web App : Larry Collins) 's Twitter Profile">Larry Collins Dr. Vasshe I completely understand, Larry Collins) 's Twitter Profile">Larry Collins . I learned nothing in DiffEq, and partial was only marginally better. I really learned my math from a comp. geophysicist who taught Geodynamics, which turned out to be one of my favorite courses ever.

iPhone : A work in progress. Tsunami model for the M7.4 in Mexico last week constrained by InSAR, HR-GNSS and DART buoy data. Beautiful edge waves promoted by the flat shelf make for a long lasting tsunami

Twitter Web App : In this story, I describe what's going on with Delhi's geology that makes parts of it susceptible to shaking, where the faults are, and what you should do if you feel the world around you start to move. The answer is not "run outside" by the way. Drop. Cover. Hold on! 2/n

Twitter Web App : Friends in India! Did you feel the latest #delhiearthquake? If so, check out my latest on temblor about this ongoing EQ swarm, which has been updated to reflect this most recent shake. 1/n…

iPhone : Tree rings can tell scientists more than just how old a tree was. A new study says they can tell us when #earthquakes happened. Check out an article by Jeng Hann Chong for @Temblor to learn more.…

iPhone : With reference to the laudable decision by geosociety to stop serving alcohol during poster sessions, one of the complaints seems to be "But the promise of free intoxicants is important for getting people to attend the poster session". This is such an odd take, a few thoughts:

iPhone : I applaud geosociety's decision to stop serving beer at meetings. This is a hard move to make, and many will have strong reactions because we are so very used to it, have come to expect it, may thinks it's so cool!, and it has become part of the geoscience culture. And...(1/7)

iPhone : Lots of interest in the first day! We've started a website to provide more information, as well as a form to add yourself to our mailing list. Please distribute widely. #EMGTwitter #GeoTwitter #VolcanoTwitter #NaturalHazards……

iPhone : Six magnitude-5.0+ #earthquakes have hit greater #Tokyo since April 1st — about 3x more than normal for a similar period. What does it mean? Check out @Temblor’s latest article.…

iPhone : in #BlackHistoryIsAmericanHistory, I'll share a personal story of a White friend of mine. Her Grandfather, while fighting in the war, made friends with a Black solider from his town. Upon returning home, they both recieved their GI Bill and purchased a home for $8k each.

iPhone : Just voted early! 🇺🇸

I was on CNN this morning fighting against Trump’s science denialism followed by staffing drive-through #COVID19 testing where we are seeing 4x as many patients this week.

We need leadership rooted in science, not self-preservation. Vote early! #TX10

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iPhone : Geologists will be like "I know a place" then take you 3 hours away from the center of the city, past a "no trespassing" sign, barbed wire and thorned bushes to a heavily weathered outcrop

iPhone : “I want to tell trans teens all over the world that we all have had to go through incredibly hard things at young ages, but we are resilient and we can get through this together.” ❤️…

iPhone : I think we need to accept that having college students on campus during a pandemic will get people killed.

We then have two options. Either do it anyway and change the laws so the bereaved can’t sue, or DON’T DO IT.

I support option 2.