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Bio National Coordinator- AICC Research Department. Doctor by Profession, Humanitarian by passion and Politician by choice.
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Android : After one year of Modi 2.0, India is at a crossroads as we face a health & an economic emergency.

It will be wise if Modi govt sets aside divisive agendas & focuses on restoring India to its inclusive growth path.

I write for The Times Of India


Twitter Web App : विदर्भातील तसेच देशातील कामगारांची व गरिबांची आर्थीक परिस्थिती बदलणं ही शासनाचे पहिले कर्तव्य आहे.

आर्थीक स्थिती ला ठीक करण्यासाठी देखील हेच पॉउल सर्वप्रथम येतं.

चला पुन्हा नेहरूजींच्या दृष्टीकडे जाऊया आणि आपला प्रदेश व देश प्रगतीशील सामाजिक लोकशाही राष्ट्र बनवू.

Balasaheb Thorat

Android : The human and economic crisis is a tragedy with has no end in sight.

The time is now to confront this blind and deaf govt, to speak up for the lakhs who waited and perished without help.

Speak for your country, your people.
#JoinSpeakUpIndia, the movement tomorrow 11 AM onwards

Android : Jawaharlal Nehru died this day 56 years ago. The self-styled 56-inch man & his drum-beaters have been systematically distorting, defaming & destroying Nehru & his legacy, something that Mr. Vajpayee never did. We can rescue the idea of India only by reaffirming the ideas of Nehru

Android : Adnya Naik had complained to me that #AlibaugPolice had not investigated non-payment of dues from #ArnabGoswami's Republic which drove her entrepreneur father & grandmom to suicide in May 2018. I've ordered a CID re-investigation of the case.

Twitter Web App : Rajesh Rathod Wishing a old family friend and congress loyal colleague the best for his legislative innings! May he bring policies in the upper house which will help the state's people to rise from the challenge of Corona in coming years! All the best!

Android : Some people asked what I think of the 10% fiscal stimulus by India. Here are some thoughts: it looks like Japan's 20% of GDP stimulus that if you dig deeper, it's much small than it looks. The word fiscal stimulus is used pretty loosely by Asian governments. Let's break down why.

Android : Finally, MSME bodies have the courage to expose today's package.

When ventilator was needed for MSMEs some indirect long-term medicine has been provided. This was awaited even before the current crisis.

Android : #InConversationwithRahulGandhi

Watching: Rahul Gandhi in conversation with Nobel Laureate Prof Abhijit Banerjee discussing the critical issues of COVID-19 & its economic impact.



Android : Instead of scrambling for cover and peddling more lies, Modi government is advised to step up and respond instead of fielding BJP to create confusion. And for the #BahutJhoothiParty and it’s managers, read the Railway Ministry’s 2-page order. Highlighting portions here!

Android : Why can't the Prime Minister shelve the Central Vista project for a few years?

How can India afford this extravaganza in this time of crisis?

We have repeatedly asked the govt to put it on hold.

The many 'Modi Mahals' can and must wait!

India and Indians first. twitter.com/A2D2_/status/1…

Android : Shri Rahul Gandhi ji will be interacting with the former RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan on critical issues of #COVID19 and its impact on the economy.
Tune in 9am tomorrow Maharashtra Congresss social media platforms to watch the interaction.

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