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iPhone : What if... you were forced to work as lawyer for Donald Trump?

This guy refused, quit his law firm, then went on to help investigate Trump in Congress.

Then he led the name change of Robert E Lee High School—to John Lewis.

His name is Sean Perryman.

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iPhone : Are you a teacher preparing to return to your school building? Some great guidance on setting up air circulation in a room with no windows. And important questions to ask about air exchange in your building.…

iPhone : Chris Wark Agreed. There are assumptions made that the air filtering by a HEPA or Corsi Box is even in a room. But we know it’s not. But the diagram you show requires very high tech building redesign. Sadly no time or money to do that.

iPhone : 3) First there are ways to ventilate without HEPA filters or full windows. You can even with 1 door. 2 doors better. Here is how to ventilate your school classrooms if unable to open window. #COVID19

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iPhone : 28) Typo in post #9– there are 130,000 K-12 schools in the US. So it would be about $1 million per school for COVID safety assistance in the Democratic House bill— a reconciliation bill that only needs simple majority and bypasses Cloture / filibuster. So good chance of passage!

iPhone : And I’m going to retweet this supremely important speech again. Thank you Eric Feigl-Ding for bringing it to light.
Sustainability is the future, helping our communities is our future. Profit above all is our downfall.

iPhone : Beto O'Rourke is organizing wellness checks for seniors during Texas' blackouts.

Ted Cruz went to Cancun.

The Democratic Party helps Americans in times of crisis.

The Democratic Party is the American Party.

iPhone : 📍Pardon my vent about insufficient ventilation / air exchange & school policy. Air exchange (via fresh air or disinfection) is really important for reducing #COVID19 transmission—we should aim for 5-6 air exchanges per hour. Achieving 5-6 is harder, but should we give up? No!🧵

iPhone : The World Health Organization also recently reported that they're seeing reinfections with variant that harbors the E484K mutation:…

iPhone : 📌CDC Report: Confirmed reinfection w/variant containing E484K mutation thats been associated with escape from several neutralizing antibodies. 45-year-old w/ no underlying conditions reinfected, 2nd episode more severe, higher viral load, though didnt require hospitalization🧵

iPhone : 5) for the record, I grew up in my early childhood in homes with zero heat or fireplace in the winter. Cold winter memories are in my bones. And then I moved to South Dakota. I know cold can kill. But so can Covid. We can be worried about both. Stay safe.

iPhone : America is #1: “Out of 163 countries assessed worldwide, the United States, Brazil and Hungary are the only ones in which people are worse off than when the index began in 2011”

➡️Of these 3 worst, US had the most decline in social progress. Not winning.…