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Twitter Web App : TamnAK Oliver Darcy Kayleigh McEnany And yet it happens constantly. It's profoundly common w/ manipulative people — even w/ everyday conversation. People often never answer questions, give answers to other questions, default to whataboutisms, change subject, etc. These are tactics of the guilty, liars, & bullies.

Twitter Web App : NEW: A Russian operation posed as a far-right website to target U.S. divisions and the election.

Most active on Gab and Parler.
A few months old.
Looks related to the IRA-linked PeaceData (which targeted progressives).

Graphika report: public-assets.graphika.com/reports/graphi…

Twitter Web App : Harris County (Houston) has 4.7 million people spread out across 1729 square miles. Thanks to Gov. Greg Abbott, it's now allowed only *one* location for dropping off mail-in ballots.

Ditto DFW, Austin, and San Antonio.

"Ballot security," my a**; this is transparent voter suppression. twitter.com/chucklindell/s…

Twitter Web App : A remarkable statistic:

"In the last 10 years, 76% of terrorist attacks have come from the right wing in our country."

—Elizabeth Neumann, a former assistant secretary in Trump's DHS, on MSNBC just now

Twitter Web App : Just watched this again and it's nothing short of amazing how Kayleigh McEnany repeatedly zings Fox News' Jon Decker for supposedly having no "journalistic curiosity" about the very subject he's *ASKING HER ABOUT.*

Twitter Web App : When the President said they found a lot of ballots in the river: Where is the river?

Kayleigh McEnany doesnt answer.

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Twitter Web App : Oliver Darcy Kayleigh McEnany This is exactly what the Press (& all of us) must do:

1. Ask specific questions
2. Expect & demand answers to those specific questions
3. Redirect back to original question when it's not answered
4. Say, "That's not the question I asked you. Please answer the question I asked"

Twitter Web App : Hard to overstate how powerful and necessary a rebuke this is - someone with real moral leadership rejecting a callous effort to use faith for political purposes. twitter.com/BBCWorld/statu…

Twitter Web App : Dear rest of the world: Right wing fascists in your country are studying how the Republican Party is dismantling our republic. Learn from our mistake. Nip it in the bud. Don’t let your public officials have financial conflicts of interest. Don’t tolerate breaches of norms.

Twitter Web App : Neil deGrasse Tyson I agree w/ you. However, another way of approaching such people is to NOT try & convince them — but rather have THEM convince themselves. Do this by using the Socratic method. You must know the issues well — but if you use this method, you'll plant a seed that eventually sprouts.

Twitter Web App : .Rick Santorum's sole function in life is to laundry the dirty money of racism and greed. He uses his white skin and religion in an effort to make it easier for pious, rationalizing, I'm-not-a-racist denying white Americans to swallow it. CNN is complicit in his racist propaganda

Twitter Web App : Psychologically, do you know how we tell apart someone who is unfit? By the degree to which they INSIST they are fit: “an extremely stable genius,” for example. Do you know how we tell apart someone who is illegitimate? By the degree to which they DEMAND their position.

Twitter Web App : "Public health officials have privately complained that the thwarting of Redfield on the cruise ship ban is politically motivated because the industry is a major economic presence in Florida... " axios.com/scoop-white-ho…

Twitter Web App : A college student and former high school basketball player has died from Covid-19, highlighting the virus's danger even toward the young and healthy cnn.it/3l32Baw