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iPhone : At this stage of #COVID19, what value is there in announcing new/continued restrictions to take place “from next weekend”?

At this stage we should assume people know they need a face covering, and have one

Why delay? If it needs done, surely just DO it?


iPhone : Our inpatient sleep lab partially reopens on Monday, to allow us to do the more complex sleep studies we can’t do for our patients at home

We’re minimising risk to our patients and families, but also our staff; these great posters from Katie Chappell help explain to young people 😁 twitter.com/evelinalondon/…

iPhone : It’s also, and this may just be me, personally more mentally exhausting doing a whole day of video appointments

I think there’s a lot of subconscious extra effort required to compensate for what is lost without face-to-face contact, and by the end of the day I definitely feel it

iPhone : We absolutely should be using more video and/or phone consultations and there are clear benefits (which is why we’ve always done a lot of F/U by phone), BUT ... the more of these I do, the more the limitations also become clear

We need to be able to allow options twitter.com/mancunianmedic…

iPhone : As always, unless you’ve already got good air-conditioning to keep your bedroom cool at night, *right now* is the time to be getting those bottles of water into the freezer so you can stick them in front of a fan on a hot, sticky night!

iPhone : Shaping up to be a very hot day here in London tomorrow (34C!) so getting good sleep might be a bit more tricky ... so here’s some Summer Sleep Tips again


iPhone : Most important thing about set-up for working from home - next to the window, to maximise natural light

(As much natural light exposure as possible in the daytime is one really useful way to try to keep your body clock on track, to aid better sleep!)

iPhone : 1965:

“and calmly she answered all my questions ... she certainly saved me from sleepless nights”

So much good, preventative, health care (including helping to establish good sleep habits early!) can be, and is, delivered by health visitors


iPhone : Investing in health visitors, and the support they can provide right at the beginning of a lifetime, is one of the broad public health interventions which I think can pay off massively for the NHS over time.

We should be better at it. twitter.com/RCPCHtweets/st…